01 November 2015

Farewell Tanktober - Answers and Results

The mighty Tanktober Grand Prize!
And so closes out Tanktober 2015.

Thanks to everyone who dropped in to play this year's challenge; a bit of fun that I hope you all enjoyed whether you were a casual observer or a die hard participant.  I'm here to present the final results and the winner of the magnificent prize shown above, but first - the answers!

1. Russian T-34/85, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, USA
2. US Sherman DD recovered from the debris of EX Tiger in 1944 (see here), Fort Taber Military Museum, New Bedford MA, USA
3. US M50 Ontos, USMC Museum, Virginia USA
4. German PzKpfw V 'Panther' Ausf. A with zimmerit, Canadian War Museum, Ottawa Canada
5. Russian experimental superheavy tank "Object 279" - submission from Steve H
6. British Centurion Mk 5 (in Australian Army service), Australian War Memorial, Canberra, Australia
7. Russian T-72M1, Canadian War Museum, Ottawa Canada
8. French Char Renault FT17, Musee de l'Armee, Paris, France
9. US Sherman M4A3, USMC Museum, Virginia USA
10. Russian KV-1 (background) and SU-76 Assault Gun (foreground).  The SU-76 was nicknamed The Bitch by its crews.  Bovington Tank Museum, UK.
11. British Churchill, Canadian War Museum, Ottawa Canada
12. Russian T-62 (captured while in Iraqi service), Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, USA
13. US M60A1(RISE) Patton Tank,  Bovington Tank Museum, UK
14. SU-76 at the Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signals, St Petersburg, Russia - submission from Dux Hormunculorum
15. German PzKpfw VI 'Konigstiger' Ausf. B, Musee December 44, La Gleize, Belgium
16. British Valentine II, Australian Armour and Artillery Museum, Cairns, Australia.
17. German Sturmgeschutz (StuG) III Ausf. G, Canadian War Museum, Ottawa Canada
18. British M3A5 Grant, Imperial War Museum, London, UK
19. German Jadgpanzer 38 'Hetzer', Battle of Normandy Museum, Bayeux France
20. US M48 Patton, War Remnant Museum, Ho Chi Minh city (formerly the "American War Crimes Museum" in the city formerly known as Saigon!)
21. Trick Question - its a composite range target vehicle made of of different components, many of which were sourced from a Centurion and a Chieftain.  Everyone got a point for guessing with bonus points for getting correct components. Bovington Tank Museum, UK - submission from Oberst Owen
22. Russian T34/76 in German Service with 75mm gun replacement, Arnhem War Museum, The Netherlands.
23. Russian PT-76, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, USA
24. Sweden S-Tank.  Bovington Tank Museum, UK
25. German Panzerjager V 'Jagdpanther' with zimmerit, Imperial War Museum, London, UK
26. Russian T-55, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, USA
27. German PzKpfw II Ausf. C, Canadian War Museum, Ottawa Canada
28. British Churchill Crocodile (without fuel trailer), D-Day Museum, Portsmouth, UK
29. Russian T-54 in North Vietnamese Service,  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
30. German AS-1 Leopard in Australian Service, EX BEERSHEBA 98, near Townsville, Australia
31. German PzKpfw VI 'Tiger I' Ausf. E, Bovington Tank Museum, UK

Onto the results!

After being neck and neck throughout the month, Simon Jones managed to squeeze out resident tank geek Dux Humunculorum by just 2 points and snag first place with his very impressive knowledge!  Congratulations Simon - email me your address and I'll send you the glittering Tanktober prize! OK, its more camouflaged than glittering but its yours anyway :-)  Dux, your second place reward is that you get to game with me on a weekly basis from January next year.

Special mentions in no particular order to Leif, Moiterei_1984, Peter V. Dell'Orto, Barks, Alan Hunt and Kiwi who not only racked up great scores but provided some of the trickier answers.  Notable mentions go to Miles and Cedric for their more amusing input but everyone is a winner really.  Excellent Tanktober spirit chaps!  Here are the individual scores:

Individual cumulative scores for Tanktober 2015
Thanks to everyone for participating, to the four special pic submitters (I hadn't planned that but it was a great development) and to especially to my wife for her indulgence on an apparently unreasonable number of holidays to visit tanks around the world. I really enjoyed fishing through my old pics and it was great to share them.

Until Tanktober next year Comrades!


  1. Hello Paul,
    Thanks for the challenge, I really enjoyed it and am very surprised to have won. Not to sure how to get your email address as I do not do the social media thing at all. Again many thanks to you and everyone who took part. I did get a few things wrong as well!


    1. Great job Simon - you got a lot of bonus points for being first to correctly the tank more than anyone else so that helped a lot too!

      Drop me an email at:
      at that gmail place

  2. Thanks for running it, Paul!

  3. Thanks for a great month Paul, and congratulations to Simon. Sad to see that I'm being punished for coming second....

    1. Well you get what you deserve in the end!

  4. Replies
    1. There were some tricky ones in there for sure!

  5. I hope you run it next year as well I was only popping by every few day and was not aware it was a competition of any kind. So next time I will pull on my tank geek underpants and try harder!

    Well done everyone who took part and enjoyed it. And thanks for running it

    1. I'll have to see if I have enough new photos to use!

  6. Thanks for the challenge it was a lot of fun

    I'm now feeling inspired to run a "Shiptember" competition in 2016!

    1. "Shiptober" - you, Sir, are a man of distinct brilliance!

  7. Thanks for running this. I kind of got sad this past week knowing we'd run out of October. It was really tough on some of these.

    Looks like I came in 4th, and 4 is my lucky number. Nice!

  8. Thanks for running this. It was a lot of fun.

  9. Wow, it was interesting. Too bad I missed a lot of the posts -- my own fault, should have kept a closer eye on it. All in all great fun!

  10. That was a great game. Too bad work got its way in the middle of the month. It is very nice to see all these pictures and have to research. I learned a lot on these tanks in a month.
    Thank you again for running it.