25 November 2019

Visiting The Shire (pic heavy)

I was recently relaxing  in NZ (or "over the Ditch" as we antipodeans say - in both directions actually) and amongst my wanderings took the opportunity to visit the Hobbiton movie set on the North Island.

Aided by a sunny day, spring blooms and a myriad of other details (including woodfire smoke from chimneys), it looked exactly like the movies.

I'm going to let the flood of pictures speak for themselves (yes there are a lot of them!), and show you why the Shire is "a grand place, where gardeners are held in high esteem".

 One of the best tours I have done anywhere - Highly recommended!

18 November 2019

FIW British Grenadiers

In the last few months I have been expanding my FIW Grenadiers to a unit of 3 detachments.  I had already done one unit a few years ago and have now added two more plus a mounted officer to lead them. They are based in 3 units of 8 men for Sharp's Practice, but the sabot basing gives me a lot of flexibility.

During this period each Battalion fielded its own company of Grenadiers. However, it was common practice for these Grenadier companies to be detached from their Battalion and grouped together wth other companies to form shock Grenadier formations. This proved so effective that standing Grenadier units were subsequently raised, and the Grenadier companies dropped from line battalions.  Thus, I have painted my Grenadiers as being from 3 different units with different regimental facing colours and with some uniform differences.
A Grenadier attack column to drive the fear into the enemy!
Figs are a mix of Front Rank (with bearskins and green facings, and the mounted Officer) and Conquest (via Warlord) for the units with yellow and blue facings.  The soldiers mix well but the mounted officer is quite a bit larger - he looks ok from a distance though.
All that lacing and cloth mitres nearly drove me crosseyed but I'm really pleased with the mass effect.  I'm also pleased that I was able to get them finished before this year's painting challenge!

Figures for "the yellows" were donated by club mate Stephen - thanks mate! (my painting)
And here is a little bit of self indulgence to show them off with appropriate music!