04 April 2021

Warhammer Fantasy Easter Big Battle

The Easter long weekend saw Reilly and I co-command my Beastmen  Army in a 6k point battle royale against the Dark Elves of my mate Gav, ably assisted by Marty and Lachy.  With a few minor exceptions this was the first time I've had everything in the army in one go. I also got to unleash a secret weapon upon the unsuspecting enemy - the monstrous Minobus!!!

I'm pretty happy with how the army has come out over the past 18 months

the 9 x 5 table set for battle in Gav's man cave

This battle saw a Dark Elf force invading the Beastmen territories of the Drakwald, looking to take slaves for their quarries. The Beastmen decided to object rather forcefully to this unsolicited proposal. 

Brayherd Advance!

It was a pretty full on game and the action last around 6 hours of playing time - we were exhausted at the end! On our left flank, Reilly used his 40 Gor block, pair of heavy chariots, a unit of wardogs and a giant to draw out and ultimately rout and destroy the enemy's corsairs and a war hydra.

Battle ensues 'neath the twisted branches of the Drakwald

On the right flank, I did the opposite - while I destroyed the enemy Corsairs and Cold One Chariot, the Dark Elf Executioners and War Hydra mopped up my Khornegors, Centigors and a 20 block of Gors. However, it tied them up for long enough that they couldn't get back in time to interfere with the strong Beastman assault in the centre.

The Drakwald Medal of Honour goes to this un-named Ungor hero. RIP.

Magic wise, for a game this size we used 4d6 power dice instead of just two. The Dark Elves has 2 x Level 4 and 2 x Level 2 Sorcerers, and the Beastmen 1 x Level 4 and 2 x Level 2 Sorcerers. This worked out very well, though between them there were 7 miscasts and two sorcerers (one on each side) exploded. My newly painted Cygor died early in the game to overcharged Doombolts. Good times!

The Executioners brutalised the Khorngors to a man - only the Champion survived to flee

And after much ado, the Minobus spearhead made contact with the 70model Dark Elf spearblock with Army General, BSB, 2 masters (and an Assassin as it turns out). Not many pictures of this time as things got very focused, but the intact Minobus - boosted by two different augmenting magic spells (Wissan's Wildform, and the Savage Beast of Horros) ripped through the enemy. Including their impact hits and stomps, they took out 36 enemy in their charge turn. The enemy's BSB gave them the unbreakable trait, so they didnt run, which gave the Minotaurs the next turn to overkill the rest. A Dark Elf Prince on Dragon had also charged into their flank, but after the enemy lost the close combat (by lots) it fleed and was run down and destroyed.

chomp chomp chomp

With the enemy centre broken and in disarray, the battle was over. The Beastmen had beaten off the Druchii raiders and saved their villages from the slavers. But one day they would be back...

02 April 2021

AHPC XI Wrap Up - Reilly

AHPC XI was my first proper solo attempt at a painting challenge and my did it breeze past. I initially set the goal of  "yeah I suppose I'll put some paint on that big box of goblin's I've got stashed away in the corner" and now I'm coming away with the better part of a new 2.5K point army made up entirely of goblins and their 8 legged friends. Pretty hard to say I'm not happy with my efforts.

For my favourite unit of the whole challenge, its hard to go past my final entry of the Arachnarock. For proportionately large time and effort I put in, I couldn't be happier with it. I still find that everytime I look at it its hard not to get the creeps.

Last but not least, (bar Leonidas) these are the few non-greenskin contributions that managed to make their way to my painting desk. Khazrak One-Eye of course was the addition to a certain Beastmen army you may have seen around.

A fantastic project to be apart of, so it'd be amiss if I didn't give a warm thanks to Curt and all the minions who slaved away to make it all possible.


01 April 2021

AHPC XI Wrap Up - Paul

It was great to be back for my seventh Challenge and to help out as a minion for the fourth time. For me it was a Season of two halves: a highly productive first period (while working from home in COVID quarantine) and then steady but stalling progress.

Not bad, but it always seems more at the time I find...

I set myself a target of 750 points and completed 863 points with key projects being Caesarian Romans and Warhammer Fantasy Beastmen. I set myself a 1k stretch goal but fell short at the end as I was renovating my grungy garage into a new gaming studio. Timing could have been better but the outcome is great!

All new lights, wall panelling, insulation, carpet and cabinets!

Overall my Minobus was probably my best single unit but I am most pleased with the way I started and completed the core units of my Caesarian Roman Army.  My most surprising project was my unplanned  monochrome Ninja experiment. Side challenge wise I was well down on skullz this year but still posted 159 noggins, and it was fun to grab 5th in the GW duel.  

Best of all it was wonderful to complete the Challenge alongside Reilly and to encourage eachother along the way and share modelling and painting ideas.

Blood for the Blood God!

Ready to Fight for Caesar!

I've now amassed just over 6000 lifetime challenge points and I'll definitely be back to add to that tally! Thanks Curt, fellow minions and everybody who contributes to the wonderful AHPC community.

21 March 2021

AHPC XI: Kragg the Grim

For my last entry of AHPC XI, I present my Curtgeld: Kragg the Grim, a character Dwarf Lord from Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Kragg is an ornery old Runelord, whose age and temper are almost beyond measure. While he has made great breakthroughs in runecraft during his life and can do amazing things, he sees nobody else worthy to inherit his knowledge and refuses to share his inner secrets with others.


I stayed rather faithful in palette to this portrayal of Kragg

So for my Curtgeld this year I present Kragg and suspect he will be most welcome by a certain young Dwarf general of my acquaintance, who recently met his target in his first proper solo AHPC. This leaves me a touch shy of my 1k stretch goal but for good reason, as will be shown in my wrap up post next week.


18 March 2021

AHPC XI: A Snarl of Minotaurs

I've been working on this entry since Christmas but its been slow going. In fact, its taken me a few years to collect these 12 old metal GW Minotaurs and its great to get this elite unit of Monstrous Infantry completed.

This massed metal Monster unit has quite some heft!

This phalanx of 12 Minotaurs is a brute shock unit - just the thing for my Beastman Army! Led by Taurox the Brass Bull, it includes a Doombull, a Bloodkine Champion, a Banner Bearer and 8 Minotaur warriors. In Warhammer terms thats around 1250 points - almost a whole army it itself. Wonderfully indulgent - cant wait to try it out on the table.

I submitted Taurox previously this challenge, so thats 11 big bad monsters at 10 points apiece for a total of 110.  That takes me across my challenge target for this season!


10 February 2021

AHPC XI: Ungor Radiers

Despite another busy week in Man Cave central, I have managed to finished these 20 Ungor Raiders for my Beastman Army.

Ungors are the lowest class in Beastman society, brutalised (an often eaten) by the larger Gors. Nevertheless, they are used in scouting and raiding roles in the army. They form the skirmisher elements (though not very good ones) and provide some (though poor) bow units. 
So why bother taking them? They are useful in an ambushing role to take out enemy warmachines from behind, as well as screening the main Gor warrior units.
Even better, I got to put them into action today in a Warhammer game against High Elves. They did very well (for Ungors) but I did like seeing this:

which reminded me of this :-)
This unit takes my Beastman Army past 200 foot figures - most painted in the past year during AHPCs X and XI