26 June 2022

Lancaster Reinforcements- War of the Roses

I completed some reinforcements for my Lancastrian Army this week. To add some diversity to the Army I have added a small contingent from the Duke of Somerset.  This Beaufort family were staunch Lancastrian supporters throughout the war and across multiple generations.  Their blue and white adds a splash of colour (though I am missing their banner at this point), and they can form a flanking battle in the formation. 

In Lion Rampant terms (I'm getting ready for the release of the 2nd edition rules next month) this army now comprises 3 Longbow units (12 figs each), 2 Billmen (12 each), 1 Armoured Billmen (12) and 2 of Foot Knights (6 each). Feels like I painted way more than 72 models!  Most are Perry Plastics but the Somerset archers are a mix of Crusader metals as well.

Need to get my skates on with the rest but I've enjoyed the project thus far. Next up for this army is light and heavy cavalry, artillery and Command stands. Future expansions are more billmen, as well as European Mercenary Pike and Crossbows.

Anyway, that's it from me for awhile - off on some work travel. Be well!

18 April 2022

Band of Brothers: Bolt Action Army

By Reilly: Over the last month (ironically after the recent painting challenge finished) I have built a WW2 US Paratrooper unit for my University Tabletop Society. This was my first historical project and was really interesting to research and not have the flexibility to freely mix and match units as I would in say 40k.  On the other hand, it was fun to have a specific theme and focus in on the uniforms for my selected Normandy campaign.

I wanted to recreate Easy Company and have used a mix of figures: mostly Artizan, some Warlord and then the US Airborne Hero characters figures from Stoessi's Heroes. Naturally we enjoyed re-watching Band of Brothers during this project.

While focused for Bolt Action, I have also ensured the army is set with the figures I need for other game systems including Chain of Command and Battlegroup. 

HMG team sheltering behind a stone wall we 3d printed

So 1200(Winters and Spiers special characters from Overlord points done and a different but fun project. 2 games in: 1 draw (500 points) and 1 win (1000 points) and have proven themselves adept at dispatching Fallschirmjaeger - so historically accurate!

I now have plans for further expansions such as a 75mm pack Howitzer, M8 Greyhound and some mohawk and war painted Pathfinders.

Paint recipe (all Vallejo paints) - thanks to Dave at the Left Handed Panzerfaust for the tips, which you can find here: https://lefthandedpanzerfaust.blogspot.com/2017/07/jumping-in.html

Undercoat Grey spray

Uniform: Middelstone (70.882)

Webbing / Scrim: Germ C Beige WW2 (70.821) - ironic!

Helmet / knee patches: US Dark Green (70.893)

Boots / Gun: Flat Brown (70.984)

Chinstraps German Cam Mdm Brown (70.826)

Skin: Army Painter Barbarian Flesh

Wash all over: AP Military Shader (flesh with GW Reikland Flesh Shade)

Highlights with own colours (Webbing Highlighted GW Ushabti Bone)

17 March 2022

AHPC XII: Iron Golems Warband

"Flesh is Impermanent - Metal is Eternal!"

These doughty fellows are highly skilled armourers and metal smiths who hail from the Volcanic mountains of Chamon in the Realm of Metal.  To showcase their master crafted wares in a kind of uninvited roadshow advertising, they get out on the road and take their frustrations out on people they consider naughty (and there are quite a few of those). And after all that time practice on anvils, they are itching to thump out some punishment and prove their skills as master artisans.

Heavy Hitters: Signifer, Dominar, and Ogre Breacher

Rip and Tear lads!

Together they form a warband for the Warhammer skirmish game Warcry that I call the 'HateForged' and are lead by Dave the Dominus - not to be confused with the other Dave who is neither the Dominus or as imposing as he stands at only 4 foot 3inches tall. 

Dave and other Dave (no relation)

There was some debate at the forming of this intrepid group that they be called "The League of Extraordinarily Murderous Gentlemen" but a Nether Realm judge considered this to be too similar to an existing IP and  a Cease and Desist Order was issued. Such is the way of things in the badlands of the Blood Spoil regions.

Ready for Trouble, one way or another

I went for an antique Greek style with a slightly rusted/tarnished look to go with Deep Sea diver helmets.  It was also a colour experiment, using a brown/metallic monochrome style with accents from the blue/green verdigris and red blood splashes.  I think it worked out OK, but it does lack a certain 'pop'.  

This duo deliver a slightly ranged effect to the team

Actually, I understand their rules are kinda underpowered but the models just look too cool to not paint. Such is the way of things... 

Painting Notes:


Basecoat: Coat d' Arms Dwarf Bronze (quite a light, desaturated colour)

Wash: Ork Flesh green contrast

Drybrush: Coat d' Arms Dwarf Bronze

Wash: Agrax (leave some of the green in areas)

Drybrush: Coat d' Arms Dwarf Bronze

'Zenithal' style drybrush GW Dwarf Bronze (much stronger yellow tone)

Alternate metal colour: Brass Scorpion

Aged effects with GW Nihilakh Oxide (veridgris) and AP Dry Rust (on chainmail mostly)

Flesh: Palid Wychflesh base, wash Druchi Violet, re-highlight with Palid Wychflesh

Basing (matching the Warcry 'Defiled Ruins' board): base Snakebite Leather with Gor Grunta Fur contrast

07 March 2022

AHPC XII: Beastmen

Due to work travel its been a good few weeks since I touched a brush. This gave me time to reflect on this year's Challenge and I realised I was missing something - I've painted no Beastmen - for shame! So this week I've rectified that with some characterful Beastmen models from the Underworlds "Grashrak's Despoilers" set.

BFFs Grashrak and Draknar are the bruisers of this warband

Grashrak Fellhook is a magical Bray-Shaman, and his buddies are Gor Draknar the Cruel and the Ungor Hunters Gnarl, Ushkor, Murgoth Half-Horn, and Korsh the Sneak. Together they 'hate all things pure with a bestial vehemence that knows neither reason nor restraint' - nice lads to gatecrash your forrest outing. 

With the idea that these would be a flavoursome raiding force for WHFB as well as a Warcry Warband, I lavished attention on their lovely details and tried something different with desaturated flesh tone colours and shades. I quite like the paler, muted tones but I'm not going back to my 200 odd beastmen army to redo those :-)

Painting notes (all GW colours)

Basecoat: Rakarth Flesh

Wash: diluted Bugman's Glow

Highlight: Rakarth Flesh

Fine Highlight: 50/50 mix Rakarth Flesh and Wraithbone

Fur was GoreGrunter Contrast with a light drybrush of Baneblade Brown


15 February 2022

AHPC XII: 'Nidzilla!

News of the upcoming release of the new Tyranid Codex had Reilly and I reaching for some unpainted bugs this week. He did a Broodlord and this is my contribution: a Trygon - and a big (half a foot tall) menacing fellow he is!

Game wise, he is a burrower and erupts from the ground in a nasty surprise attack kind of way. He also generates a tunnel behind him that other bugs can then scuttle through - so apart from his personal attacks, it can be a bit of a pain when bugs suddenly erupt amidst your army.

The basing is done to match the rest of the army - I'm not super happy with it yet and will add to it later, but I am literally off to the airport for a work trip now so thats good enough for today.

Game wise, he erupts from the ground in a nasty surprise attack kind of way. He also generates a tunnel behind him that other bugs can then scuttle through - so apart from his personal attacks, it can be a bit of a pain when bugs suddenly erupt amidst your army.

08 February 2022

AHPC XII: War of the Roses - Lancastrians

The start of a new but long awaited project: War of the Roses. Stage 1 is a Lancastrian force to oppose Alan's lovely Yorkists that he painted a few years ago.  Ironic that I should be doing Lancastrians though, as I served aboard the Destroyer HMS York for more than a year... 

Anyway, this initial burst of 48 figures includes Foot Knights, Billmen and Retinue Archers for Lion Rampant. In the wings are lots more of the same plus Mounted Knights, Prickers and artillery, as well as European mercenary Pike, crossbows and hand gunners.

Foot Knights advance under a Percy House Banner

I was experimenting with the Scale 75 metallics for the armour - very nice products, and I'm really happy how they have come out and contrast with the snow. This is also my first real foray into snow basing so that they match Alan's army; going for a patchy, early winter look. They came out a bit heavier than expected but I'm happy with them overall.

Well armoured Retinue Billmen move into the attack

Fun fact: Snow basing really soaks up any rum and coke that you might inadvertently spill over your entire army. REALLY well like a sponge. Like, scrape it all off and start again the night before your submission is due. Still, the models now have a nice smell and Reilly observed "You're really putting something of yourself into this project". I figure the spirits will keep the lads warm in the snow...

Unarmoured Billmen, led by a Man at Arms

Alan has convinced me with his zealous promotion of the 3-2-1 basing schema for the foot troops, but I kept the archers in more refined lines on rectangle bases. I think it shows a more formed and static line up, while the foot sloggers are a bit more ragged in the advance.

Stout Englishmen and their yew bows ready to deliver an arrow storm

That's 48 figs and the two banners are hand painted of course.