30 March 2023

March Hobby Wrap Up

March has come and gone, but it has seen the completion of Season 13 of the Analogue Painting Hobby Challenge!

We covered an eclectic mix of Genres: War of the Roses, Necromunda, WW2 Yanks, 40k, Last War and this little game themed on turnips that you may have come across...

As ever it was a lot of fun and very focusing for us magpie gamers- thanks to Curt and the crew who made it happen, and the wonderful and supportive AHPC community


Amongst the AHPC wrapping up and work travel, I also enjoyed an intro game of Silver Bayonet with Slowpainter John and club mate Gav. I've had untouched forces in our pile of shame for some time, and this was quite a fun game. Not overly complex but with a lot of potential for campaign settlings and some fun scenario design.

27 March 2023

AHPC XIII: Turnip Rocket Battery

Obviously I need to close out AHPC13 with some Turnip related goodness. TBH additional travel recently saw me run out of time to do these overblown root-vegetable bangers the full justice (and extra crew) they deserve BUT they do add to our Turnip side challenge.

Master Gunner Molar oversees his Battery

Anyway, presenting two Rocket batteries for my Turnip army; one printed and the other other scratch built based on a completely impractical hitching post arrangement, and both protected from enemy musketry and giant crabs by gabions.

Squelchy rings his triangle to warn everyone that the Rockets are firing

The big hand painted banner is once again of the champaign foil design, naturally!

I couldn't resist a little homage to this classic!

Thats it for me for AHPC 13 - thanks everyone, its been a (mostly turnip filled) blast!


04 March 2023

February Hobby Round Up

Well another month has passed.  I've been on the road/water quite a bit, and Reilly has returned to weekly Kill Team games at the local GW shop which is fun. We have built our new hobby lights, which we like to call the "Dual Halo Effect" (those only ones we are likely to collect!) - cheesy, but it lets us both have good light to sit together for hobby time.

I also caught up with Comrade James and had a very fun experience with his Aeronautica Imperialis collection. How fun? Yes, you can guess...

And finally, my 13yr olds niece has been DMing us through some wonderful TTRPG adventures, hooked up over Skype and with my kids playing too. Its been a real hoot to see gaming through her new eyes and helping her present her great stories. (we are using the Four Against Darkness rules set at the moment)

Looking ahead, AHPC will close out shortly and I'm on track to meet my modest target

The unofficial AHPC motto

15 February 2023

AHPC XIII: Stump Gun & Friends

I've put in some extra strangeness effort this week...

First up I present some fire support in the form of a Stump Gun, mounted on a giant slug in a vein attempt to generate some battlefield mobility. It doesn't, but on the bright side it is less likely to be stolen.

Sadly, the somewhat disturbing slime trails behind him aren't very visible in these pics

"El Slugo de Booma" is crewed by two rather, um, unusual...persons. This body horror duo are more than a little cringeworthy and Reilly made a number of complaints values based observations from across the hobby table during their creation. You're welcome.

These lads are metal Eureka models, to which I've added a pile of bits including the leftovers from a Victrix artillery piece that I converted to a bronze naval gun. Because naval guns are fabulous, obviously. I had planned a large pile of turnip ammunition next to it, but the slug ate them unfortunately. He's a rather voracious gastropod you see.

Warning: Touching El Sluggo usually results in rather unsightly skin legions...

Next up: a mounted Toady, accompanied by his faithful though emaciated (and somewhat mangey) root hound, who matches his boney carcass. 

The Toady likes to dress as a jester to give the battle a more festive vibe and keep up morale (but not morals unfortunately) amongst the otherwise dreary brawl.

Mr Maggot feels very fancy in his purple boots

These are also metal models by Eureka, though I have mixed and matched between different sets to get this combination.