20 June 2021

Urban Terrain Table - completd!

Upon scheduling a game of 40k this week, I decided enough was enough and that they were going to be done to a playing standard. In the end it took just 2 days to complete the 32 tiles and finish an 8 x 4 board which we played on today. As always it was much simpler in practice than from overthinking it.

One of my WIP test pics

Earlier this year I bought a second hand set of the Secret Weapon Damaged Urban Tiles set- unpainted and very nice - also sadly OOP now (their website states that the manufacturer stole their moulds!). the 16 1 foot square tiles build a very nice 4 x 4 table - not quite big enough, so I put them to one side before finding another set a few months later. I had Ideas for them but as you know, perfect is the enemy of good enough and so nothing happened.

Upon scheduling a game of 40k this week, I decided enough was enough and that they were going to be done to a playing standard. In the end it took just 2 days to complete the 32 tiles and finish an 8 x 4 board which we played on today- much simpler in practice than through overthinking it.

Spray painted - generic grey, with a flat black on the roadways. Just cheap spray primer from the hardware store.

Base coated with a stippling and heavy drybrushing techniques. Reilly helped me and we got all of this done in about 5 hours.  We used sample paint pots: British Paints "Knowledge" for the roads and XXX for the tiles. This deliberately kept the whole board fairly bright, but also unsaturated in colour so that miniatures and building will really pop.

Even at this stage the initial test look was pretty satisfying.

Then we did a few washes and highlights, added some ocre colours into a few muddy shell holes for colours, and silvered up the manhole covers, drainage grills.

While at it, I did some scatter terrain in the same colours to match

And thus we were away today with some friends and had a lot of fun on a great looking table.

I quite like how they are period generic and genre agnostic - no skulls etc so they are as applicable for Stalingrad or Berlin in WW2, as they are for the Defence of Cadia in the Grimdark future.  I'd like to find a few of the undamaged tiles to give me a few more options and some larger, flat areas for key terrain. Overall though, a great project to do (and complete) in just a few days. 

02 June 2021

May Hobby Round up

Another month has flashed past in a blur. Other than the big battle Black Powder in the last post, I have been playing bit of Kill Team with the Lad and his WIP Emperor's Children force. Losses ensued but some were mere narrow defeats!

Hobby wise I have been in a terrain kind if place of late. In fact I have painted not one but two of the old crashed Aquila Lander sets from the Battle of Macragge boxed set (2004 I think?). One was for me, another for a mate - inevitably I liked the colours I used on his more :-)

Bargain wise, I found this GW Superheavy Tank in a car boot sale. Pretty cheap at first blush, but probably will cost me the rest of the army to wrap around it...


16 May 2021

Big Battle Black Powder

Last weekend club mate Gav hosted six of us to his house for a spectacular Napoleonic game that saw over one thousand figures deployed on his 14 x 5 table.

Using Black Powder 2 rules (my first outing with them), 3 pairs of players fought a French Corps advance on two reinforced Divisions of British and Spanish Allies. Great fun and we played the whole thing to a conclusion in under 4 hours. We had a great time as these pictures show.  

What a privilege to play with such an amazing collection with great mates     

03 May 2021

April Hobby Roundup

Well its been a month since AHPC 11 completed, and I thought I would try and get back into my monthly blog update routine.

First up we had a great Warhammer Fantasy Battle pitting Beastmen against Dark Elves at 6k points -  very satisfying to get all the Beastmen toys onto the table and you can see more of that in my last post here. We followed that up with Reilly getting his new dual Araknarok Goblin army onto the field, also against Dark Elves.

Cinematic end to the battle: The Araknarok envenoms and kills the War Hydra!

I also have started some mid week gaming again with Comrade James- Blood Red Skies with a MiG Alley theme was fun, as was my introduction to Fallout Wasteland Warfare which was wonderfully thematic to that game franchise.

Then we did a little bit of terrain to progress our new 8 x 4 urban city ruin table project.

I also painted up a Mantis Warrior as a renegade, to join my World Eaters.  The Mantis Warriors were part of the original Rogue Trader release lore and were part of the "accidental rebels" in the Badab War. I wanted to paint one up that wasn't in fact sorry at all, and was delighted to have him featured in the Warhammer TV Hobby Round up program recently.

I went to town with the paint chipping effects

and am pretty happy with how the freehand Chapter symbol came out

And last but certainly not least, our family sat down to play pandemic recently and got rare win! Guess that means we are ready for our COVID Vaccinations :-)

Hope you are all well out there!