21 March 2021

AHPC XI: Kragg the Grim

For my last entry of AHPC XI, I present my Curtgeld: Kragg the Grim, a character Dwarf Lord from Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Kragg is an ornery old Runelord, whose age and temper are almost beyond measure. While he has made great breakthroughs in runecraft during his life and can do amazing things, he sees nobody else worthy to inherit his knowledge and refuses to share his inner secrets with others.


I stayed rather faithful in palette to this portrayal of Kragg

So for my Curtgeld this year I present Kragg and suspect he will be most welcome by a certain young Dwarf general of my acquaintance, who recently met his target in his first proper solo AHPC. This leaves me a touch shy of my 1k stretch goal but for good reason, as will be shown in my wrap up post next week.


18 March 2021

AHPC XI: A Snarl of Minotaurs

I've been working on this entry since Christmas but its been slow going. In fact, its taken me a few years to collect these 12 old metal GW Minotaurs and its great to get this elite unit of Monstrous Infantry completed.

This massed metal Monster unit has quite some heft!

This phalanx of 12 Minotaurs is a brute shock unit - just the thing for my Beastman Army! Led by Taurox the Brass Bull, it includes a Doombull, a Bloodkine Champion, a Banner Bearer and 8 Minotaur warriors. In Warhammer terms thats around 1250 points - almost a whole army it itself. Wonderfully indulgent - cant wait to try it out on the table.

I submitted Taurox previously this challenge, so thats 11 big bad monsters at 10 points apiece for a total of 110.  That takes me across my challenge target for this season!