18 April 2022

Band of Brothers: Bolt Action Army

By Reilly: Over the last month (ironically after the recent painting challenge finished) I have built a WW2 US Paratrooper unit for my University Tabletop Society. This was my first historical project and was really interesting to research and not have the flexibility to freely mix and match units as I would in say 40k.  On the other hand, it was fun to have a specific theme and focus in on the uniforms for my selected Normandy campaign.

I wanted to recreate Easy Company and have used a mix of figures: mostly Artizan, some Warlord and then the US Airborne Hero characters figures from Stoessi's Heroes. Naturally we enjoyed re-watching Band of Brothers during this project.

While focused for Bolt Action, I have also ensured the army is set with the figures I need for other game systems including Chain of Command and Battlegroup. 

HMG team sheltering behind a stone wall we 3d printed

So 1200(Winters and Spiers special characters from Overlord points done and a different but fun project. 2 games in: 1 draw (500 points) and 1 win (1000 points) and have proven themselves adept at dispatching Fallschirmjaeger - so historically accurate!

I now have plans for further expansions such as a 75mm pack Howitzer, M8 Greyhound and some mohawk and war painted Pathfinders.

Paint recipe (all Vallejo paints) - thanks to Dave at the Left Handed Panzerfaust for the tips, which you can find here: https://lefthandedpanzerfaust.blogspot.com/2017/07/jumping-in.html

Undercoat Grey spray

Uniform: Middelstone (70.882)

Webbing / Scrim: Germ C Beige WW2 (70.821) - ironic!

Helmet / knee patches: US Dark Green (70.893)

Boots / Gun: Flat Brown (70.984)

Chinstraps German Cam Mdm Brown (70.826)

Skin: Army Painter Barbarian Flesh

Wash all over: AP Military Shader (flesh with GW Reikland Flesh Shade)

Highlights with own colours (Webbing Highlighted GW Ushabti Bone)