31 October 2011

Invading New Zealand

Well done on your thoroughly deserved World Cup Rugby win Kiwis: you are now eligible to be absorbed into Australia!

30 October 2011

Viking Shield Designs

If you haven't found these before at the Hour of Wolves website, check out these handy print 'n play style - great!

29 October 2011

MYO Blood Bowl Dugout

Just like this award winning coach did! I think I need to get into these Hirst Arts molds more.
Not only for BB, but a whole range of terrain making like WW2 ruins

28 October 2011

Raven Feast

These are a 2 page set of ultra simple Dark Age rules -  really suitable for the bigger battle games where our skirmish rules are bogging down a bit.  In fact, I am having a go at modifying them a bit for use at our demo game at CANCON.  Essentially, roll 1 dice to hit (based on the skill of the warrior), 1 dice to save (based on the armor of the target).
We have them a go recently and they worked well - except rolling low for success really does my head in :-)


27 October 2011

Turf Roof House

It may be called a 'Highland Black House' but this turf roof hut would be at home in any Viking village.
My Dark Age purchases are currently on hold (until I finish the others that is) but this one is on my 'to get' list.

The building comes with removable roof and nice internal details

25 October 2011

If the Allies had fallen : sixty alternate scenarios of World War II

I've just finished reading this really interesting book, which is a commentary on a wide range of potential scenarios as opposed to a deep analysis of a few possibilities.  Both approaches are useful to me personally, but it seems that many other books in this genre focus on the latter approach (like the alternate Battle of the Bulge discussions.......).  In this work Dennis Showalter has grouped a range of contributions from different authors, from the Battle of Britain/Op Sealion, to the Allies not pursuing a Mediterranean Strategy, the execution of D-Day in mid 1943, the war starting a year earlier, the assassination of Hitler, Brits/US racing Russia to Berlin,  the Alliance fracturing etc.  The broad  discussion of each of these makes this book easy to read and absorb, but can leave the passionate reader wanting more in some scenarios.

As always its important to understand that these style of books are analysis with deep hindsight and out of the original context.  Decision makers of the time had incomplete pictures (of both sides usually) and a range of political and social pressures which can be lost in translation.  Nevertheless, I found this an interesting and easy read that got my juices flowing for more.  Recommended.

You can read another review of the book here:

24 October 2011


The boys ventured forth on Saturday to BLOCKtober, a small Blood Bowl tourney held in the Melbourne CBD.  En route we dropped in to see our mate Nic at Euereka Miniatures, bough a bunch of things we didn't expect to (including a Flakosaurus http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2011/06/new-dinotruppen.html and a bunch of Nic's "Frog Warriors" range for conversion into a Blood Bowl Slann team) and coincidentally caught up with long lost Man Caver Oberst Owen briefly before we had to go.

We got to the tourney around midday.  As it is a 2 day, 6 game event we were never going to be able to be full participants (all in good time), but we went for a look and have some fun regardless.  We were warmly welcomed by the players there and had a look at some very nice teams and game mats (the orange tinted AusBowl pitch from FF Fields is very distinctive - I'll have to get one in the future).  Then we quietly settled into a corner to play a matchup of the Lad's killer Orc team the "Deathstars" vs my Human Team the "Cerberus Slayers".  As part of my inducements I got star players Morg 'n Thorg (being used for the first time in his new paint scheme) and Mighty Zug who would become instrumental in fighting off the well developed Orcs.
I won the toss, elected to kick off, and a long, grinding half began.  A classic Troll vs Ogre duel began in the centre, and the Lad's pair of ruthless ST5 Black Orcs smashed through the line to go headhunting.  Bolstered with Mighty Zug and a pair of Blitzers skilled with Guard, the Human line generally held  and gave ground slowly.  An Orc fumble about half way through the half presented an opportunity and a Human Blitzer ran to grab it, only to be shoved into the crowd and killed.  Another Human Blitzer, understandably upset at this, rushed forward to avenge him but perhaps regretted his impulsive behaviour when was badly hurt in the block he threw.  The misery continued when a Human lineman was ejected after he fouled star Orc Blitzer who had just killed his pal - the only consolation being that the Orc was stretchered off to the KO box.  A scrappy scrum developed and the half time siren sounded with the scoreboard still blank.  However, the Orc Blitzer recovered from being KOed, the Human star blitzers were off for the duration and the Human bench was empty with all reserves now on the field...

The Orcs kicked off to start the second half and a left flank push saw a Human breakthough on the left deep into the Orc Half with a catcher well protected by a Slayer Blitzer.  The Human thrower scooped up the ball to pass to them- a touchdown was certain!   That is until star Orc Blitzer Grink Lightningfeet leapt up to grab an intercept!!!  After another few turns of two well-played dodging and weaving past the Human safeties, he broke through to put the Deathstars into the lead with just 3 turns to run in the game.  Surely the winning TD had just been scored.
Very well aware that they had to hold off the Humans for the remainder of the half, the Orcs set up in an uncharacteristic deep ziggurat style formation to disrupt the Human advance.  The ball was kicked deep, dropping beautifully into the back corner of the human half and the Slayer thrower rushed back to grab it as the forward line advanced.  The Human push went deep on the right flank this time and the Orcs surged to contain it.  A scrum ensued, but then in the last turn of the half a Human catcher eventually dodged through and ran into the end zone. All he needed now was the ball.  The Slayer thrower, who had collected it by now, sprinted forward, and threw a lovely long pass which sailed into the catcher's glove as the full time siren blew: a 1 all draw!!!!  The Lad was not pleased to see his hard fought win disappear at the last second, but ended up with a smile in the end.
Overall, a tough game and the score probably reflected the game play well (though the Lad might not agree).  The Orcs won the casualty battle though - they inflicted 3 casualties (including 1 death) and the Humans badly hurt 2 Orcs but they will be back next game.  It was also fun to play on a different pitch with a mat loaned by the Blocktober Commissioner, who then very generously gave the Lad a set of red "Bushranger Bowl" dice to remember his first BB comp.  Thanks to all the players there for their very friendly welcome and a great atmosphere to play in.

PS When we got home the Blood Bowl frenzy was still upon us and after dinner we played again - my Vampires vs the Lad's new Ogre team (pics later). I won 2 nil, but in the process suffered 5 casualties but only inflicted one.  This included my team having two deaths (1 a vampire!  But luckily a new one playing his first game, and without skills) plus got a niggling injury on a veteran Vamp.  The Lad is now up to 15 career kills, as opposed to my pitiful 2: I couldn't even kill a snotling!

22 October 2011

21 October 2011

Northbowl '11- Game 1....

Welcome Bloodbowl fans to the ManCave's EXCLUSIVE web coverage of the annual Northbowl Resurrection Tournament held at sunny Group North Historical Wargaming Society in Adelaide....this year's tourney sees the return of the Coromandel Nightmares Dark Elf team, and 4 of the 5 coaches from last year, with their new teams. Tourney 2010 Winner Hugh is coaching a Slann team this year, and managed a 2-1 win over rookie coach Karen and her Vampires last night in their first game.....the Orcs and Chaos are itching for their first game but todays featured game will be the Coromandel Nightmares vs "The Russian Bears" Dwarf team playing in the sensational Suitcase Stadium....stay tuned..... This year the Nightmares have 8 lineman, (1 with Sure Hands); 2 blitzers both with Block and one with Dodge, the other Fend; a runner with Dump-off and Sidestep and after much negotiation (and chats with Paul and The Lad)the Star Player Hubris Rakarth condescended to lend his services for the tourney....due to the last minute signing of his contract, Hubris didn't have a uniform in time for the game (I was lucky to have him glued and undercoated by game start!!) The Nightmares won the toss and elected to Kickoff, as the Dwarves revealed their Secret Weapon, a Deathroller, which would expire after the first drive.Sadly, the only thing expiring in the first half was the Nightmares team members, as a solid turn burning strategy by the Dwarves saw 5 Dark Elves in the KO and Badly Hurt dugouts by the end of the half,and a Dwarf TD in the dying turn of the half. Before the end of the half, Hubris managed to break through the line of scrimmage and throw a blitz at the ball carrier, stripping him of his ball ...but the Dwarf managed to recover the ball next turn and Rakarth was sent sprawling by the Dwarven guards....Rakarth was then brutally fouled on the very last turn of the half and knocked out....so hard was the hit that he failed to wake up for the rest of the game, failing 3 attempts to revive him.... The second half started with the Nightmares receiving the kick off, and here we had high hopes for a revenge TD....the Death Roller had been ejected from the game, and 260,000 gold pieces worth of Star Player was snoring in the dug out, so the Dark Elves blood was up... Kaledor Maglen, the Sure-Handed Lineman, picked up the ball and ran to the line of scrimmage,looking for someone to pass too.... ...but Maglen was knocked down before he got the chance to pass to the runner Maliketh Fellheart, and despite Duriath Hellbane the Blodger and Ganeth Shadowblade the Linemans' best efforts, the Dwarves recovered the ball and ran down the pitch for the second TD... The re-start was interrupted by a Pitch Invasion of furious Dark Elf fans and drunken Dwarfs, knocking down and stunning 2 Dwarves and 2 Dark Elves at the line of scrimmage....sensing an opportunity, Kaledor Maglen grabbed the ball and moved cautiously forward, this time protected by two linemen... Three other Dark Elves broke through the gap in the Dwarven defence, including the Blitzer with Fend, Khaleth Mournweaver. Maledor ran up to the line of scrimmage and lobbed a Long Pass at the Blitzer, but the pass was inaccurate and bounced into the crowd.The cheering fans threw the ball straight back in to the middle of the Dwarven backfield, closer to the Endzone than before..before Mournweaver could run to pick up though the Dwarven Trollslayer came lumbering in to blitz the Dark Elf Blitzer.... ....and promptly rolled Double Skulls. With no Dwarven rerolls remaining, the Trollslayer went down, and Mournweaver was able to easily dodge away from the remaining Dwarf defender, scoop up the ball and run it in for the Nightmares first TD of the tourney....the resulting cheers were enough to wake the Undead(just as well as their game was next)...although apparently not Rakarth.... The remaining two turns of the game ended with a 6 Dwarf "stacks-on" foul on Lineman Shadowblade, resulting in him being Stunned..apparently settling a Grudge from when he tried to stop the game winning TD earlier in the half... So final Score Dwarves 2, Dark Elves 1, and 3 casualties to the Dwarves. I was stoked to have reduced the TD difference from 2-against to 1-against, as this is used as a tie breaker at the end of the tourney. Learnt lots about being more aggressive, as 7 surviving Dark Elves managed to pull off a TD when 11 with a Star Player couldn't earlier, and all because I played to my teams strengths in the end...oh, and the Troll Slayer Double Skulling kind of helped a little.....till next week BB fans!!

20 October 2011


Huzzah to "Rumplestilts" for being lucky number 250!

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement!!!

19 October 2011

Group North Blood Bowl Tournament 2011

You may recall that around this time last year fellow Man Caver Comrade James (of the South Australian Man Cave Annex) participated in the Group North Blood Bowl Tourney, pulling off a highly respectable third place.  Well its on again this year and Round One starts tonight.  I know you'll all join with me and The Lad in being Cheering Fans for the Comrade's "Coromandel Nightmares", a Dark Elf team

The tourney includes six teams and is run as a 5 round Resurrection style league, with Rosters of 1.2 mil, and adding 4 skills extra at 20k each.  The best 2 teams will play off in final.   Aside from the Comrade's Dark Elves, participants include Vamps, Dwarves, Slann, Chaos and one other, as yet unknown...

Lots more to follow and the Comrade promises lots of Man Cave exclusive coverage of this esteemed event!

The Nightmares roll in a TD in their win against a Human team in the 2010 Tourney

18 October 2011


We got this fun little card game a few weeks ago - great family fun throwing poo at one another!

It’s been a tough day in the monkey cage and something in the food tonight wasn’t quite right. In monkey world, there’s only one thing that can be done about it - fling poo!
Poo is a fast-paced card game for two to eight players, requiring anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to play. It’s fast and furious - something you can play while waiting in line or on lunch break.
Each player takes on the role of a monkey. You fling poo and mess with each other until only one monkey is left standing. That monkey, of course, is the cleanest one. Each turn, every player gets to draw and play a card, usually either to fling poo at another player or to clean himself off. Out of turn, each player gets to play cards to defend himself or foil other players’ poo flinging.

I laughed my butt off watching the kids go at it:
"I King Kong Poo you" - "No- its just a fart!"

Read more about this game here:

17 October 2011

Wilhelm Chaney

I induced the Star Player Wilhelm Chaney onto my Vamp team today for a match against the Lad's well developed Deathstars Orc team - man did those claws come in handy against all the AV9 too!

I'd been looking to get one of the old 2ndEd models for this guy but hadn't to date, and started with a Skaven proxy, before I remembered my Secrets of the Third Reich Werewolves by Westwind. He is a little  big, but then again I think werewolves should be! -  pics of some of the other Westwind Werewolves here:
http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2010/05/ ... fpack.html

16 October 2011


Meanwhile, I'm off to play some Blood Bowl with the Lad!

14 October 2011

10 Worst Boardgames Ever

Hot on the heels of yesterdays best game ever "Beer Battleships", here are 10 of the worst ones ever:
WARNING: Some of them are rather offensive

12 October 2011

The Death Stars - Orc Blood Bowl team

The Lad has just finished up game number 20 with his Death Stars team, and a bunch of brutes they are now too after two seasons of development.  Here they are posing after their 3: 2 Victory in that game (click for bigger pics)
The hash marks on the sides of the scoreboard indicate kills - note the Lad is over 10 while I am at a measely 1....
Match Stats
8 Wins, 5 Draws, 7 Losses
TDs:  41 for, 45 against.
Casualties: 55 (8 kills) for, 14 against (0 kills)
Team Roster
Gok HeadRipper  MA:6ST:3AG:3AV:9  Block,Guard,Mighty Blow,Stand Firm,Strip Ball
Grink Lightningfeet MA:7ST:3AG:4AV:9  Block,Dodge,Fend,Surehands, +1MA, +1AG
Virk Beasttorturer MA:6ST:3AG:3AV:9  Block,Pro
Hig Toehammer     MA:6ST:3AG:3AV:9  Block
The Blitzers
Black Orcs
Vulo Axesmasher  MA:4ST:5AG:2AV:9  Frenzy,Mighty Blow, +1ST
Kinak Ratsquasher MA:4ST:4AG:2AV:9  Mighty Blow,Jump Up                                            
Gronk Daemonhater MA:4ST:4AG:2AV:9 Dodge                                                                  
Ronak Deathcruncher MA:4ST:5AG:2AV:9 Block, +1ST
Black Orc Blockers - a rather nasty front line with 2 x 5ST
Gunk Goblinthrottler  (aka  "Barry") MA:4ST:5AG:1AV:9 Loner,Always Hungry,Really Stupid,Mighty Blow,
                                                                                        Guard,Multiple Block
"Barry" the Big Ugly Troll Beast (fig is an OOP Snow Troll by Rolljordan)
Barry can be a little intimidating on the field...
Erug Balljuggler  MA:5ST:3AG:3AV:9 Pass,Sure Hands,Accurate,Kick Off-Return,Hail Mary Pass
Kang Nailslicer MA:5ST:3AG:5AV:9  Pass,Sure Hands,Leader, +1AG, +1AG
Throwers - the Lad plays a good passing game with these guys
Gung Dwarfmangler MA:5ST:3AG:3AV:9  Wrestle
Baagar Facekicker MA:5ST:3AG:3AV:9     Dirty Player
Gragor Ballstomper MA:5ST:3AG:3AV:9    Kick        
Line Orcs
Pok Eyepoker MA:6ST:2AG:3AV:7     Dodge,Stunty,Right Stuff,Diving Tackle                        
Pok the Gobbo has escaped being eaten by Barry twice! (we don't use him as a fanatic)
Greaser Geargrinder leads the Blockers in his alter ego "Ronak Deathcruncher"
Varag has been known to make a celebrity appearance with the Deathstars too.
Team Rerolls: 3
Fan Factor: 9
                              Total Team Value: 2,260,000                

Resplendent in their purple ad gold trimmed fighting playing strips, most are plastic figs from the latest boxed set, with a few metal figs thrown in too.  Painted by our mate Ken and based by me & the Lad.  Colours are to his specifications (he thought green Orcs were far too common, and why cant Black Orcs play in any position they want to anyway?)  Armour has been glossed for final effect.  Now looking for some decals for numbers on shoulder guards.

Many thanks to Olaf the Stout from the Ausbowl forums for his generous donation of a Blitzer and two Black Orcs to make up the full team.  And the Lad sends a big Cheering Fan shout-out to Chance from the Three Die Block podcast for all the great team development advice.

11 October 2011

We made the cut!

The list of participation games for CANCON 2012 is out, and we've made the cut.
I better go finish off all those bases then....

One Bright Day in the Dark Ages

From the North they Came, the Warriors of Odin.
Their dragon headed ships appearing out of the mist to strike without warning.
Fighting, looting, burning and returning home with a booty of hack-silver for glory and honour.
Nowhere was beyond the reach of these merciless raiders.
Command a Viking war band or rally the Saxon fyrd to defend the village in this participation game, using the Age of Blood rules.
Younger players welcomed.  Outrageous accents and silly hats encouraged.
Proudly presented by the Man Cave Gamers  http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/
Remember: Power grows from the handle of an axe.

10 October 2011

Stand to Your Glasses Steady

My fav WW1 song, from the old B&W movie "Dawn Patrol" starring Errol Flynn.  Its a cracking movie, very thematic and a great study into the human aspect of the famed Knights of the Sky.  I usually find myself humming it whenever I play a WW1 aerial game like "Wings of War".

by Bartholomew Dowling

We meet ’neath the sounding rafter,
And the walls around are bare;
As they shout back our peals of laughter
It seems that the dead are there.
Then stand to your glasses, steady
We drink in our comrades’ eyes:
One cup to the dead already—
Hurrah for the next that dies!

Not here are the goblets glowing,
Not here is the vintage sweet
’T is cold, as our hearts are growing,
And dark as the doom we meet.
But stand to your glasses, steady!
And soon shall our pulses rise:
A cup to the dead already—
Hurrah for the next that dies!

There ’s many a hand that ’s shaking,
And many a cheek that ’s sunk;
But soon, though our hearts are breaking,
They ’ll burn with the wine we’ve drunk.
Then stand to your glasses, steady!
’T is here the revival lies:
Quaff a cup to the dead already—
Hurrah for the next that dies!

Time was when we laugh’d at others;
We thought we were wiser then;
Ha! ha! let them think of their mothers,
Who hope to see them again.
No! stand to your glasses, steady!
The thoughtless is here the wise:
One cup to the dead already—
Hurrah for the next that dies!

Not a sigh for the lot that darkles,
Not a tear for the friends that sink;
We ’ll fall, ’midst the wine-cup’s sparkles,
As mute as the wine we drink.
Come stand to your glasses, steady!
’T is this that the respite buys:
A cup to the dead already—
Hurrah for the next that dies!

There ’s a mist on the glass congealing,
’T is the hurricane’s sultry breath;
And thus does the warmth of feeling
Turn ice in the grasp of Death.
But stand to your glasses, steady!
For a moment the vapor flies:
Quaff a cup to the dead already—
Hurrah for the next that dies!

Who dreads to the dust returning?
Who shrinks from the sable shore,
Where the high and haughty yearning
Of the soul can sting no more?
No, stand to your glasses, steady!
The world is a world of lies:
A cup to the dead already
And hurrah for the next that dies!

Cut off from the land that bore us,
Betray’d by the land we find,
When the brightest have gone before us,
And the dullest are most behind—
Stand, stand to your glasses, steady!
’T is all we have left to prize:
One cup to the dead already—
Hurrah for the next that dies!

08 October 2011

My Immortal: The Vampires of Berlin

An interesting looking novel, this is Lee's first work, which I'm trying to get hold of.  Anyone read it?

She was beautiful. Her high cheekbones and perfectly straight burgundy hair gave her a distinctive Eastern European look. Her face gave away no secrets; her distant look made it seem as if nothing else in the universe existed. Her clothing was minimal; she wore an ankle-length white nightgown and was barefoot, despite the fact that much of the ground in Berlin was covered with broken glass. The men remained still, their weapons pointed at their unannounced guest. "They are coming for me," she whispered. The young vampire was clearly afraid of something... 


[EDIT]- finally got hold of a copy!  Here is my review:

07 October 2011

More WWW2 German Power Armour - Part 2

I recently posted a link to the North Star powered armour style German figs:

It turns out that Steve B made some up a few years ago, which he has has posted at the alt-Krieg yahoo group

Thanks for sharing Steve!