31 May 2017

Some FIW Gaming

Colonial Rangers scout ahead of the British Main Body
Over the last few months Alan and I have been progressing a FIW campaign and continuing to add to our forces.  So much so that we are now at the upper edge of what we can reasonably setup and complete in a club night.  Here is some eye candy of our forces in  recent actions:

Infantry column with a skirmish screen deploys on the left flank in front of a strong French position
My right flank infantry advance along a forrest trail

Alan's waiting French line
Vive la Roi!

My left flank advances, reinforced by Grenadiers

And deploys with rippling musketry!
I'm very happy how the Warbases came out - I think they look really good painted and flocked, and they save a stack of time during movement.
While my right column forms into line and does likewise

Take that Frenchies! Now back to Canada with you!
Its been very satisfying to see this force really develop during AHOC and beyond - just one artillery battery to go until I am done (for now anyway!)

25 May 2017

Hobby Highs and Horrors

How cool is this guy? Love the camo pants!

This week my Man Cave saw the best and worst of our hobby.

Firstly, a wonderful parcel arrived from Canada, courtesy of Snow Lord Curt himself - my reverse Curtgeld thank you for my assistance as a Minion during AHPC VII.

Opening the box...
 Thanks indeed Curt - I love this guy (and his strange similarity to the main character from Fallout New Vegas) but the message under the base is the best bit

This great treat more than made up for a far more frustrating incident from Sunday afternoon.  Odin the playful Beagle pup decided that my completed, based and varnished new Scrapper force needed to be removed from the drying area and reduced to its component parts again. Scrapped indeed.  Not quite the way I wanted to post these guys
On the bright side, some bits are still attached... Little bugger!

19 May 2017

Burn and Loot

One day you are happily hobbying along with the next 3 months planned out in detail and far more projects and models than you know what to do with. Then for no good reason, something twists your head and you are off down a whole other path of awesomeness its new plans and purchase in mind.

Pretty sure I'm not alone in this regard, right?...

Anyway, Deus Vult - bought it when it came out. Looked great but needed big armies, so I shelved it for another day.  Then some guys at the club buy its little brother Burn and Loot.  Smaller, SAGA sized games - fun games in a few hrs.  More detail than Lion Rampant but less than Deus Vult.  Then Alan does a Medieval Russian force, while other chaps do Hospitallers and Moors.  Hmmm, the Baltic and the Northern crusades might be fun for something different.  The next thing I know my desk looks like this:

...and so I am once again distracted and seduced by the shiny side of this hobby...

Alan and Aled - this is for you:

13 May 2017

FIW Fences

I wanted to add some linear type obstacles to our FIW games, so this week I made some fences.  Two packs of Renedra Cross Rail fencing to be precise.  The kits are really great kit, but its like constructing a mechano set with lots of bits to put together, which was a fiddly process.  On the other hand, it is ultimately flexible.  This is what I ended up with:

I've been deliberately trying to put more colour on my table this year, thus the brown wood colours of a new construction rather than weathered greys.

I was trying to emulate this type of fencing which was prolific in the New England region in the colonial era (I took these pics when I lived there)