20 February 2020

AHPC X - Warped Wiggles

Anyone who has parented in the last 20-30 years is probably aware of the Wiggles. Starting life as a conventional band called The Cockroaches, they converted to children's entertainment with an early learning theme and reinforced by a bunch of loveable characters including Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog and my favourite, Captain Feathersword.

Anyway, I was painting some 40k Possessed Chaos Space Maries when an evil idea took root, and thus this:

became this:
The Wiggles were touring Cadia when the 13th Black Crusade was launched. Captured by a fascinated squad of Slaaneshi Noise Marines, they were taken captive and sent to the Eye of Terror (which has had some impact upon them - and they now try to consume the youthful audiences).

And here the gang is joined by the Possessed Dorothy the Dinosaur:

I'm sure I just triggered a bunch of you with long forgotten songs that will now float around your head all day - you're welcome!

Skull-o-meter: a paltry 3 noggins to the pile, now sitting at 87.

And now onwards to the Snowlord's peak!

16 February 2020

A Frenzy of Kill Team

Checking out the Kill Team action at CanCon
Been a bit of gaming at the new Man Cave in the last month - most of it Kill Team related. Reilly has added to his AdMech force, as well as painting and blooding his new Necrons. James brought along his Orks and new club mates have also been playing with Space Marines and Eldar.  Along the way I've had a chance to snap some thematic action shots, which I thought I would share here.
Chaos chaps consider the landscaping opportunities before them

Reilly's new Necrons - I really like his orange colour palette, rather than the usual green one

Extra big Kill Team with Comrade James - its called 40k or something. It was Rogue Trader last time I played it
Possessed Traitor Marines play King of the Hill with James' Orcs 

Adam's Eldar join the fray!

Very nicely painted models!

Which didn't save them from Chaos Berzerker fury!
Patch's lovely Space Wolves in action

The Necron War Glaive carrying Lychguard are brutal if they get up close!

12 February 2020

AHPC X: More Beastie Boys

This week sees me complete...you guessed it, some more Beastmen!

12 more delightful chaps who wander the Old World's Drakwald forest looking for wandering tourists to eat help.
Painting note: I was going for a black fur look this time - I used GW Space Wolf Grey contrast paint. It was a bit too thin/light for me so I did a second coat mixed with black ink

Pleasingly, these lads complete my first Beastman Regiment of 46 figs - all of which have been painted under various AHPC seasons.

Only another hundred or so to go.  I need to learn to paint at an army standard vice painting all the detail in sight. Very satisfying to see them all en mass though!

Skull-o-meter update: 17 seperate skull trophies adorn the fellows of this new contingent, taking my AHPC 10 skull tally up to 84.

Thats 12 x 28mm figs for 60 points plus I was awarded 2 bonus point for the hand painted banner

And now I am preparing to ascend the Snow Lord's peak:

02 February 2020

AHPC X: Ramshackle Barn

Some years ago I was doing a bunch of pulp gaming with some mates- lots of fun! So when Renedra released their plastic Ramshackle Barn kit in 2013 I jumped on board for a "Dunwhich Horror" style game.  I built it and undercoated but never got to doing it during AHPC IV that year, after which it languished forgotten during an overseas posting.  In the darkness of a packing box, it bided its time...

I discovered said artefact when moving house recently and decided it needed some love, so here it is: a barn useable for almost any period but especially good for WW2 Northern Europe.  Great to get it done after years of languishing!

This submission is for the Hawkins Hill map location, which requires "Submit something you prepared for Challenge 7 or earlier " - done!
That is a single terrain cube for 20 points plus 30 points for the map location for a total of 50 points.

EDIT: Note to Self: Make a seperate thatched roof for this building for earlier periods, like this great one here: https://codstickershistoricals.blogspot.com/2020/05/ramshackle-barn-with-thatch-roof.html