20 February 2020

AHPC X - Warped Wiggles

Anyone who has parented in the last 20-30 years is probably aware of the Wiggles. Starting life as a conventional band called The Cockroaches, they converted to children's entertainment with an early learning theme and reinforced by a bunch of loveable characters including Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog and my favourite, Captain Feathersword.

Anyway, I was painting some 40k Possessed Chaos Space Maries when an evil idea took root, and thus this:

became this:
The Wiggles were touring Cadia when the 13th Black Crusade was launched. Captured by a fascinated squad of Slaaneshi Noise Marines, they were taken captive and sent to the Eye of Terror (which has had some impact upon them - and they now try to consume the youthful audiences).

And here the gang is joined by the Possessed Dorothy the Dinosaur:

I'm sure I just triggered a bunch of you with long forgotten songs that will now float around your head all day - you're welcome!

Skull-o-meter: a paltry 3 noggins to the pile, now sitting at 87.

And now onwards to the Snowlord's peak!


  1. OUTSTANDING! This is excellent, Paul. Gifts of the warp, indeed. I love the backstory about the Wiggles touring Cadia...

  2. Wonderful! Bonkers, but wonderful.

  3. I always knew there was a dark side to the Wiggles!!! :)