02 May 2023

April Hobby Wrap Up: Black Templars

During the recent AHPC 13 I got into some more of my slow grow Black Templars force but forgot to post them here. While I was in the zone I kept going and churned out some more additions to the force, including this Redemptor Dreadnought (with some fancy 3d printed additions)

And these outriders:

And finally, this Judiciar (with a head swap) - with this guy finished I have FINALLY completed painting ALL of the models from my 40k 9th Edition 'Indomitus' boxed set - and did before 10th edition 'Leviathan' was revealed. Ok, about 48 hrs before, but that still counts :-)

Naturally, that doesn't mean ALL my Astartes are painted, just the origional Indomitus ones...

Anyway, here are the other recently finished Templars from the Challenge: