08 June 2019

Zeppelin Raider

A few years ago I came across a U-Boat board game series which I loved : The Hunters.

Indeed, it captured my imagination so much that I had long email exchanges with the author Greg. I subsequently assisted the development of a Pacific theatre version (Silent Victory), and contributed to the research for a potential future Italian Navy expansion in the Med.  We also met up at Fall-In one year as well which was brilliant (https://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2016/04/silent-victory.html)

Subsequently, I suggested to Greg that his game system would work well with minor adjustment for simulating WW1 Imperial Navy Luftschiff operations: the concept for Zeppelin Raider was born!

So now after a few years of research and playtesting, the game has now been published by Compass Games.  Always great to see you name on a game box and I cant wait to get my copy delivered.

You can read more about the game at BGG, where there are a number of reviews, AARs and errata:

Thats it for me blogwise for awhile - away again with work for a few months.
A small pile of hobby books will keep me company in the interim.