07 April 2016

Silent Victory

Exciting news: look what tuned up in the mail today, courtesy of the game's designer Greg Smith
My awesome Hunters series swag collection :-)
Silent Victory was released earlier this year is the sequel game to The Hunters, and instead of sinking Allied convoys in the Atlantic in your Uboat, you command a US Navy submarine operating in the Pacific against Japan.  This system has some nice differences to deliver a wonderfully thematic game without getting bogged down in too much the detail.  And unlike B-17: Queen of the Skies (which I still love) you feel like you are really driving the story rather than just rolling dice on endless charts.

The game has the added bonus of some particularly well researched contributions...
I was delighted to help out Greg with some aspects of this game, as well as another (hopefully) upcoming expansion in due course.  Here we are at Fall-In last year.  Your turn to come visit me this year mate! (and my shout for dinner too as I recall :-)

I admit to some bias here, but its a great solitaire game and I highly recommend it.  If I can get enough players together in the Sydney area I would love to try playing a tournament where players vie for greatest tonnage and medals. Read more about the game here:

And watch a review here:

And the nuts and bolts of how to play here:

Next up in this game series is The Hunted in which you'll command a U-boat in the later years of the war when the Allies have the upper hand.
To survive is to win.


  1. Thanks for the info, have them both on my list now !

  2. Oooh, interesting. I'm always looking for good solo games.