30 May 2020

May monthly hobby roundup...40k campaign and more Beastmen!

Time for another monthly hobby wrapup - I'm finding that I'm not blogging as much, but I am enjoying Twitter for quick hobby fixes during the day.  If you are Twitter competent, curious or inclined you'll find me at: https://twitter.com/Paul89487518

This month we have completed our first 40k Path to Glory Campaign and what a hoot it was.  The focus on narrative play in an evocative list growing process was a lot of fun.
Reilly's Necron army is looking awesome in its Mephrit Dynasty orange colour scheme
My Berserkers demand Hydraulic fluid blood substitute for the Hydraulic fluid blood substitute God! 
In our penultimate game we played the Retrieve the Spy game which was interesting - Reilly ended up pushing his Necrons forwards to grab the agent, which allowed me the deep strike in my Chaos Lord and his retinue of Red Butcher terminators, which got messy (in a good way for me)...
Oh the joys of a deep strike with these boys - 30% of the time, it works every time!
My boys slaughtered 19 of the 20 Necron Warriors... man I hate those Necron resurrection protocols! Through his clever use buffs, abilities and strategems Reilly regenerated 17 of them! :-)  But in the meantime my Chaos Lord "Volk the Blooded" got into Melee with the Necron Overlord "Ankhep the Unliving", which was rather convenient as Vlok had fastidiously sharpened his Lightning Claws only the day before...
Time to play the "Duel of the Fates" theme music again! (which we do of course)
Fresh from that Victory, my Chaos Lord was rewarded by Khorne with ascension to Daemonhood (cue buying and painting a new Daemon Prince figure) - one more victory and the Campaign would be mine!  We played the Duel scenario from Vigilus Ablaze which was wonderfully evocative. The Blood Flowed and Victory was indeed mine.  A great wrap to a really fun progressive campaign.  The next one has already started, with Reilly pitting his Necrons against my Tyranids from Hivefleet Charybdis!

Then I got to observe some club mates play a fantastic Hoplite battle using Men of Bronze.  The lads have adjusted the rules just a little and they played very well - the table looked awesome and you can see more at the full writeup here: https://agrabbagofgames.wordpress.com/2020/05/21/attica-raid-428-b-c/

The Spartan lochargos blesses his gaming dice before the battle
And finally, after a COVID hiatus I have been tinkering with my Warhammer Beastmen army again. I have finished another Gor regiment of 20 figs which I call the Blood Snout Herd.  Overall I now have 70 Gors, 10 Bestigiors and 22 Ungors ready for battle - so I'm now past the half way mark :-)
For something a bit different to my other regiments I gave these Gors a more bloodied, frenzied look
Sadly, after too much fermented goat's milk both Larr and Grarr thought they were appointed to make the battle banner...
I have also been sprucing up a Centigor unit that I got second hand at Cancon in January.  I was thrilled when Reilly found these in the Bring & Buy stand and its been very satisfying to bring new life to the classic metal figures.

24 May 2020

Hive Fleet Charybdis

Playing about with our new Nid army, getting ready for our next Path to Glory campaign