19 August 2019

August Hobby Update

The last few weeks have been good hobby wise.  I came home to find Alan had painted us up matching forces for Mortal Gods so we have been enjoying that a great deal, pitting his forces from Megara against my polis of Melos:
Naturally, all the hoplons are hand painted

Alan laments are rare setback on the battlefield
Reilly and I rediscovered our Blood Bowl treasures and had a few games. 1 win to him and 1 tie but lots of fun all round. Now considering playing in the upcoming MOAB tourney...

A painted a couple of fun things from 1st Corps:

There is a black sheep in every family!
I just had to have this priest for an Objective marker in Mortal Gods

And I found out there will be 2nd edition Frostgrave released in June next year, which is very exciting! https://therenaissancetroll.blogspot.com/2019/06/frostgrave-second-edition.html

And now I'm off on a holiday to Norway for a few weeks - cant wait!