27 May 2013

The Professor

The brains behind the agents and their missions, he is often found deciphering arcane texts next to a crackling fire.  But what is that mysterious idol he carries everywhere...

23 May 2013


Some raptors I painted up a few years ago and unearthed recently.  Figures by Eurkea Miniatures

20 May 2013

Aunt Harriett

Miss Penelope's maiden Aunt Harriett chaperones all the girls on their adventures

16 May 2013

Miss Lara

Miss Penelope's second cousin hails from the New York branch of the family.  She is a feisty and spirited redhead who usually gets want she wants.

13 May 2013

Miss Emelia

Faithful friend and companion to Miss Penelope, the two are inseparable at every occiasion whether Gala Ball or daring safari! Clearly she is a classy lady who keeps up appearances, even when on safari her boot laces match her pink hat wrappings.

09 May 2013

Miss Penelope

Miss Penelope leads my recently finished Pulp Femme Fatales.  A spirited young lady with a degree from Oxford, a mind of her own, and a generous stipend from her well-to-do parents, she enjoys adventuring, and solving mysteries.
In basing the Ladies, and there are three more to follow, I have given them all some a little different: wild flowers.  Thanks for the splash of colour for the girls Alan!

06 May 2013

Paul the Zombie

Now this is Super cool - I've been made into a Zombie Blood Bowl Player!  Awesome!
Check out Tristan's great work here:  http://bloodbowlmayhem.blogspot.com/2013/05/zombie-man-cave-paul.html

Thanks so much Tristan- perhaps at last there will be a Zombie Star Player! :-)

Back to the Minis Giveway!

"Back to the Minis" is two years old and to celebrate the Birthday Seb is giving away Blood Bowl minis!
Go to his blog here and find out more.  Happy Birthday Seb!

04 May 2013

Beast of Nurgle

I bought this great model a few months ago now, from the Carnevale range.

This one is 'The Abberation', which will double up both as a Cthulhuesque monster in Pulp gaming and also as a Beast of Nurgle in a Nurgle Blood Bowl team (which I must admit I don't own yet but its just a matter of time....).

In Strange Aeons, I intend to play this as a Blasphemous Construct lurker.

Its a wonderfully detailed model as you can see.  A little delicate maybe with all those fine tentacle ends and the tongue, but it came out just as I had hoped.

02 May 2013

Ramtut III

Star Blocker Ramtut III takes the pitch in our Man Cave Stadium!  GW figure