29 April 2009

Army Box contents

Rackham have oficially released detals on the new boed sets:

Contents of the Cog Army Box:
• 1 unit of 4 Warmongers: basic super-soldiers
• 1 unit of 4 Sharpshooters: elite super-soldiers
• 1 Prowler: basic combat strider
• 1 Vandal: the most powerful Cog combat strider
• 3 heroes from the C-Naps line: C-Naps G09, C-Naps G36 and C-Naps G45
• 3 high walls
• 1 container
• Introductory Rules
• 1 Cog tactical manual
• 1 game poster
• 12 dice
• 1 “Cog” ruler
• 1 explosion template
• 8 game cards

Contents of the Red Block Army Box:
• 1 unit of 12 Krasnye Soldaty: regular infantry containing three grenade launchers, two medics and an officer
• 1 unit of 8 Krasnye Soldaty: regular infantry containing one grenade launcher, two mechanics and an officer
• 6 Dragonov Kommandos: elite infantry with one sniper rifle, an electronic warfare specialist, a medic and an officer
• Odin O-1 and Manon O-2: the Red Blok’s two greatest heroes
• 1 Urod: Odin O-1’s and Manon O-2’s combat strider
• 1 Dotch Yaga: the most heavily armored combat strider to ever grace the battlefield
• 6 low walls
• 1 container
• Introductory Rules
• 1 Red Blok revolutionary forces tactical manual
• 1 game poster
• 12 dice
• 1 “Red Blok” ruler
• 1 explosion template
• 26 game cards


27 April 2009

Salon du jeu de société de Paris 2009

No, I dont suddenly speak French. This was a Game industry day in Paris and there are some great pics including AT-43 previews at the site here:
Note this pic of the new Army Starter Sets (around 3k points of forces, not yet available) and the Dotch Yaga in the original RB cam scheme; all the other pics to date have had it in a winter colours for OP Frostbite.

26 April 2009


The Lass smashed all opposition after she built this city in a game of Carcassonne!

24 April 2009

Lest We Forget

I'm taking the Lad and the Lass to the National Dawn Service and the march tomorrow, then SWCBI and I are going to the French Embassy for a lunchtime reception.
Hope you all have a great one.

21 April 2009

Announcing: AT-trition '09

This new tourney will depart from the featured TurnerQuade format of playing as many different game systems as possible over the allocated time, and thus a new name is required. Instead, AT-trition will be an AT-43 event only, which lets us use all those nice shiny new Rackham figs we just got. The inaugural one is being convened at the Canberra Man Cave in Jun 2009.

The proposed format will be a modified campaign format (OD or Frostbite), aiming to play a few smaller patrol style games and building up to a couple of larger games. Expressions of interest are sought, and consideration forn a coveted Grand Prize has commenced...

Gentlemen:- start your army lists!

16 April 2009

Birthday Lists

Its never too early to start one, though the rumoured release date for the new edition of Space Hulk will be too late for this year's celebrations (which will be synchronised with the TurnerQuade III tournament).
Instead, I want the Birthday pixies out there to know that I think these new Memoir 44 products look rather awesome. Information is power, after all...

14 April 2009

Rackham comes through- again!

You may recall that many of the Wing Troopers in my recent big AT-43 order arrived damaged. Well, a few emails later and replacement troopers have arrived direct from France. The more I have to do with their customer service, the more impressed I am - thanks Rackham! Plus, at my request, they sent me a few cool posters to decorate the Man Cave!

13 April 2009

The Nuances of Language

Following an Easter weekend of 1:1 terrain making adventures, "She Who Must Be Obeyed" shall now be known as "She Who Cannot Be Ignored"...

10 April 2009

Happy Easter

The Man Cave wishes everyone a Happy Easter enjoying family time and games!

And I hope your Cave Woman hasnt got you too tied up in 1:1 scale modelling (like mine has...)

09 April 2009

More Space Hulk rumours

Plastic corridor sections and the new snap-together terminator figures? Sweet!

Maybe a shift away from the Blood Angels for the starter set fluff and artwork?

And while we are at it, here are some new hulk-eque base releases from Dragon Forge:

Seems to be a lot of momentum building here, I hope there is something to it!

08 April 2009

The Married Wargamer

Any resemblance to the marital status of Man Cave members is purely fictional, eh Comrade?

07 April 2009

Crossfire II?

TMP has an interesting article today about a second edition of Crossfire in development.

I thought these were an innovative rules set and I liked the ebb and flow they developed through the action-reaction system. Unfortunately, whle they were good for company sized infantry combat, I found they didn't work so well with supporting arms armour, arty, air support).

I'm looking forward to checking out Crossfire II in due course.

06 April 2009

Gaming Inventories

...just dont.
Even though you started all enthusiastically and with good intentions, you dont want to do this because;

1. You will actually get a ballpark figure of what you've spent over the years.

2. You realise how many projects you have unfinished.

3. You realise how many projects youve actually completed.

4. You realise how many projects you have started but are unlikely to finish, even if you retire next year

5. You realise that it doesnt matter how long its been since you played (insert game here) or with [insert mini type here] you still arent going to part with it willingly.

5. You start to work out which games should go to whom in the event of your sudden demise, and perhaps which ones should accompany you to the grave...

You guys got any more?

05 April 2009

Collectivist goodness

Just stooging about with the new RB stuff and trying to divide the troops until into sensible formations.

04 April 2009

Happiness is...

...discovering your new Army!
These Draganovs look fun! Which Red Blok faction is the "Guards Shock Assault" one again?

02 April 2009

Operation Frostbite review on YouTube

Light-up Terrain

Check out this great landing pad terrain with built in LEDs!
Makes me feel me feel inadequate...yet enthused at the same time to make mine better!

Carcassonne Tourney - Day 3

Big shifts afoot in this likely last sesssion. Final results are:

Man Cave +5 = 13

Gran +3 = 10

The Lad +1 = 10

The Lass +5 (equal first place) = 8

Pop +2 = 5

Quite a battle this one, I eventually triumphed and played very cooperatively with The Lass to deny the Lad some needed Tourney points. Just goes to show that old age and treachery will always triumph over youth and enthusiasm!

And now we can move on to trying out the "Inns and Cathedrals" expansion I picked up on the way home today!