21 April 2009

Announcing: AT-trition '09

This new tourney will depart from the featured TurnerQuade format of playing as many different game systems as possible over the allocated time, and thus a new name is required. Instead, AT-trition will be an AT-43 event only, which lets us use all those nice shiny new Rackham figs we just got. The inaugural one is being convened at the Canberra Man Cave in Jun 2009.

The proposed format will be a modified campaign format (OD or Frostbite), aiming to play a few smaller patrol style games and building up to a couple of larger games. Expressions of interest are sought, and consideration forn a coveted Grand Prize has commenced...

Gentlemen:- start your army lists!

1 comment:

  1. Da! The Glorious Forces of the Revolution are already beginning to train for this event...they just have to move to a new training camp first!!! :)