31 August 2008

Mk III: L'Hero

Ogre designation: 9038 HRO
Allegiance: Paneuropean
Credit: OgreMarkXXX
Mark: III
Nickname: L'Hero
Details: Unit HRO earned its nickname during its first tour of duty when it routed the remnants of a Combine task force before it could destroy a french town. After recently engaging a Combine defesne force and destroying their command post, it embarked on a mission into the heart of Combine territory. It's current whereabouts are now Classified.
The first picture is simply of the ogre. The second is a picture of it engaging elements of the 51 Combine Armored Division. They are kind of fuzzy but that's what they are. The third is a picture of the ogre hitting a 51st GEV. I plan on adding decals to it so I might send you more pictures in the future when I finish.