31 December 2009


Arcanacon XXVIII - 2010 is scheduled only 2 weeks after I arrive. With some luck and a Herculean effort I might get a leave pass to attend and catch up with Oberst Owen. Note the Space Hulk event...


Heres hoping buddy!

30 December 2009

Man Cave boxed up

It took two full days, several episodes of the D6G and This Week in Wargaming, and numerous boxes, but the Canberra Man Cave is now officially packed up and offline. Relocation will occur next week, though my computer will stay up until the last minute to keep me sane! Now to go start on all the other rooms in the house!

29 December 2009

Firestorm Armada

I must admit I was excited about this last year, waned with the initial delays, moved onto other stuff with more delays and then forgot all about it. But now its out!
Yesterday I heard the D6G review of this game, very similar to Uncharted Seas it would seem. Simultaneously (in fact, while listening to said D6G episode) I found my stash of Starship minis and space terrain from my Full Thrust and BFG days. I'm gonna have to at least get the rulebook it would seem...Maelstrom Games stock it too!

28 December 2009

All Clear!

+ + Boarders repelled - Invasion warning: GREEN + +

+ + Cro-Magnon Lager supplies exhausted + +

+ + Man Cave focus: Moving house one week from today + +

+ + Thought for the Day: That which is necessary is never unwise + +

26 December 2009

Panzer Claus

Just in case you missed this great bit of festive modelling from the guys at Battlefront - I particulalrly like the red-nosed driver and the present stowages! This gives new meaning to the consequences of being on the 'naughty' list :-) Personally, I would have named this tank "Blitzen!"
Modelled and painted by James Brown.Text by Blake Coster

T‘was the night before Christmas, when all through the wood
Not a soldier was moving, and none of them should.
Huddled in foxholes, around a small fire,
Spirits were high though conditions were dire.

With the officer’s tucked up all snug in their beds,
The Sergeants made sure the men kept their heads.
Rifles were ready in case of attack,
Two men a foxhole, to cover one’s back.

When off in the distance there arose such a clutter,
“Tanks on the way.” One man muttered.
Grasping their rifles close to their chests,
Each man could only hope for the best.

With the chatter of tracks drawing ever so near,
It was the pending attack the battalion had feared.
Preparing to fire, the soldiers gave pause,
As though the woods emerged Panzer Claus


25 December 2009

Merry Man Cave Christmas!

Best Wishes for a very Merry Christmas to All!
May your cup runeth over...and keep running!

23 December 2009

Man Cave Invasion!

+ + Family now on scene for holiday season + +

+ + Emergency Man Cave protocols activated + +

+ + The Emperor Protects + +

If I dont get back online in time, Merry Christmas one and all.
I hope you have stockings filled with gaming related goodness!

22 December 2009

Salamander Command Squad

Tick Tock, time is running out for the Man Cave so I did something very un-gamerlike today: I actually used my day off to go do some painting! It'll never catch on you know...

Anyhow, here is the Command Squad for the Salamander Army. I want to add a banner bearer and company champion in due course but the priority right now is in finishng off models before the move!

Here is the Captain - I kept him in subdued browns and greens with lots of metalic bling. I'm really pleased with how well the 'magma' effects on his power-sword came out:

Brother Apothecary - an older metal fig, with plamsa gun

The boys pack some serious firepower to bring forth the Emperor's vengeance!

The Veteran Lads of the Command Squad:

Comments welcome as always!

More about Brutal

From the Dark Art Miniatures Forums:

The year is 8000 in the post apocalyptic world of Perspicuus Gemma (bright gem). What was a world of beauty has been replaced with wasteland and twisted metal. Destroyed cities have given birth to new way of life. Most of the human-kind now live underground in vast cities filled with arcane devices and machinery. Many things have changed but human nature will always seek ways of preoccupying ones thoughts of reality….to forget ones own worries and to feel better with ones self at another’s suffering. One thing’s for sure….. whether you’re a true human or a mutant, everyone enjoys a good old smash um up on the vid-screens! Entertainment at its best…….Brutal is here!

You are the owner of a troupe of gladiators and you hire out your services to any that will pay your price for the ultimate in entertainment, violence in its truest form. Many Lanista follow the same path as you but only one can claim the rights to the lions share……

The Game

Brutal is a stand alone board game that allows you to pit fighters against one another in an up close and personal gladiatorial combat system set in a post apocalyptic world. The system is primarily a duelling system although any amount of players can take part which makes it great for tournament play.

The rules system is easy to learn and will get you into the thick of it in no time. I recommend that you quickly browse through the core rules (training ground) at first, just so you get an idea of what is involved to play the game. Once you have done that the next best thing is to pick one of the stock fighter templates provided and play with a single 'true human' bruiser class fighter. Look up rules for a situation as is arises. You should get a grasp of the rules within a few turns.

The game incorporates Brutal action cards which forces players think and play differently than they would with other strategy miniature boardgames. “brutal action cards” bring a refreshing change to miniature gaming.

By the time you have had a couple of fights you will see the need to develop different strategies against different types of fighters. You might also want to try out the other different races. Don’t feel disheartened if at first your fighter seams to die within 5 turns or less (I know some sweet, killer combo moves). This will often be the case if playing against an experienced opponent or just plain bad luck. Once you get more experience your fights will last much longer.

Once you are happy with the core rules you can then move on to the advanced rules which covers rules for players to create there own troupe from the slave markets and league/campaign settings which include fighter development rules for gaining skills and gifts allowing your fighters to rise amongst the ranks of the brutal fighters.

The core basics

Brutal action cards

During the course of the game each player selects cards from their own personal deck. These cards show what actions the player is attempting in a game turn. (Attacking, defending, evading etc.) A ten-side die is then rolled to see if a player’s actions are successful or not.


Dice rolls are made by the players to see if they are successful in there actions. Through-out this book you will see a ‘1d10’ or just ‘d10’. This refers to the ten-sided die needed to play the game.

During the course of the game your fighters will have certain bonuses. These are normally a positive. +1, +2 etc. Some of these might actually be negative. -1, -2 etc. The dice roll is made normally but you must subtract the negative modifier from the total. (1d10 -1, 1d10 -2 etc..)

During the course of the game your fighters may have the option of re-rolling a die. A re-roll can only be played in your own phase and another re-roll cannot be re-rolled a second time if the initial re-roll fails.

Randomiser rolls - sometimes during a game something is moved to a random location. This randomiser dice roll determines which direction and how far an object is moved too.

21 December 2009


I need another new game like hole in the head. So thanks very much Ken at "This Week in Wargaming" for letting me know about "Brutal" a post apocalptic gladatorial combat game.

I admit it - I'm a sucker for Gladiator games - I have 6 or more already (some historical, a few fantasty and 2 SF versions) and a bunch of unpainted 25mm lead gladiators already. But this looks awesome and best of all the beta test rules (including core rules plus an expansion) are currently free. Sweet! Go the the downloads area:


Figs look nice, but not sure what scale - at 8 GBP each they must be rather large. There is also a forums section which while rather empty at the moment, has some interesting concept art for future minis.

As long as I dont know anyone with this game I might actually resist it. Then again a few minor conversions to my existing Gladiators and I couldnt go too far wrong...right?

20 December 2009

Uncharted Seas in 2010

Spartan Games have announced thier 2010 plans for the Uncharted Seas line. Definately something to be watching for, and perhaps co-opt Oberst Owen into a game or two!

Two New Flagships (Early Feb)
Shroud Mages Flagship
Bone Griffons Flagship

Three New Heavy Cruisers (Early Feb)
Thaniras Elf Heavy Cruiser
Bone Griffons Heavy Cruiser
Shroud Mages Heavy Cruiser

Iron Dwarves (Early Feb)
Bellows Class Dirigible Mk II

Bone Griffons (Late Feb)
Pestilence Cruiser

Shroud Mages (Late Feb)
Nautilus Class Submarine

Monsters & Beasties (Late Feb)
Dragon Lord Elder Dragon
Water Behemoth
The Giant

Destroyer Class (Mid March 2010)
Iron Dwarf Destroyer
Shroud Mages Destroyer
Bone Griffons Destroyer
Dragon Lord Destroyer
Orc Raiders Destroyer
Thaniras Elf Destroyer
Imperial Human Destroyer

Faction Books
We will be creating a Race Guide for all of our Uncharted Seas fleets. The exact format of these books is yet to be locked down, but you can expect to see more detailed backgrounds, information on our upcoming 28mm range of miniatures, naval tactics, model statistics, painting guides and much more.

The Uncharted Seas Supplement
This book will bring many new rules out for the Uncharted Seas. As it stands it is a 96 page full colour book that sits as an addition to the current core rule book – NOT a replacement.

New Races
Pirates of the Skies (Q2 2010)
The Kreel (Q2 2010)

Dreadnought Class (Late Q2)
Iron Dwarf Destroyer
Shroud Mages Destroyer
Bone Griffons Destroyer
Dragon Lord Destroyer
Orc Raiders Destroyer
Thaniras Elf Destroyer
Imperial Human Destroyer

The Ancients (Second Half of 2010)
The arrival of the Ancients marks an exciting and bloody period in the history of the Uncharted Seas. Watch out for more exciting information on our web site. With this fleet comes an exciting campaign guide and new ships for your existing fleets.


TWIW returns!

For those who haven't heard, the gaming podcast "This Week in Wargaming" is back on the air this month. The previous host "Big Troy" has now been suceeded by Ken Whitehurst of "The Score" fame from the D6G. I'm looking forward to seeing what he makes of this old favourite!


18 December 2009

Wild Blue Yonder

I'm back from a week away and now start what I consider to be a well-earned rest!

I also managed to read more of the 'Gaunt's Ghosts' series while away and came home to a few more Salamander goodies in the mail: a Dev Squad. Sweet.

But in my absence, Comrade James has unearthed news of a revised edition of 'Down in Flames' by GMT. A fantastic game orignally by Dan Verssen (who broke off to form his own company) this is a fast paced card driven WW2 aerial combat system. It has lots of supporting material and campaigns too.

Darn you Comrade - you know I wont be able to resist...
Well at least you know what to get me for Christmas now though!

14 December 2009

Scottish Advent Calendar

Thanks to DC for this one - hope it keeps you amused while I zip off for a week with work!

13 December 2009

Bless your weapons....

SOme more pics from Jase....as the only gamer I know WITHOUT a copy of the new Spac Hulk, no idea if these boys form a whole squad or not.....

11 December 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Funny how you forget how hectic this time of year can be - especially when you are moving your place of work at the same time!

Anyhow, lots of social stuff this week has precluded too much progress with the Salamanders, though I have been continuing to do some detailing on the Commander ad his Squad whcih are comingup nicely. I have a few extra Heavy Weapon Troopers on the way now, and a Command Squad Sprue which will add a Company Champion and Banner Bearer.

Away camping this weekend and away next week with work, but hopefully I'll get to finish up the in-progress figs before I have to pack up the Man Cave for the move south.

07 December 2009

2000pt Salamander List

OK, here is my draft list for the Salamander Army based on the figs I have currently available. Note that I havent played this list so while it is legal, it will need some tweaking and I'd appreciate comments on that.

Captain, with Power Sword and Iron halo
Command Squad, Flamer, Plasma Gun & Plasma Pistol, Apothecary
Chaplain in Terminator Armour

Terminator Squad (9 Figs), Heavy Flamer, Assault Cannon
Dreadnought, Multi-Melta, CCW, Storm Bolter
Dreadnought, Twin Lascannon, Missile Launcher

Tactical Squad, Flamer, Missile Launcher, Razorback (twin plasma guns, extra armour)
Tactical Squad, Flamer, Missile Launcher, Rhino (extra Armour)
Tactical Squad, Flamer, Missile Launcher

Land Speeder, Multi-Melta, Heavy Bolter

Predator, Heavy Bolter sponsons, extra armour

Total points: 1940 (so a little to play with yet)
Also have a Librarian Option available, though would have to drop the Chaplain to take him. I probably have too many elites too and need to downsize the Termie Squad to get some extra transport elements in there.

Big hoots to Lone Wolf Development's awesome Army Builder program - dont know what I did without it! (www.wolflair.com)

06 December 2009

Some Salamander progress

Kept at it today focusing on the Command Squad (as it is right now) - got the Captain, Vet Sgt, Apothecary and plama Gunner all basecoated and most of the detailing done. The white sections (helmet, shoulderpads, geneseed extractor and kneepad) on the Apothecary, a great old edition metal version, was a particular challenge.

No, no pics yet - sorry!

On the lookout for a Company Champion figure and a banner bearer to round out the Command Squad

05 December 2009

Man Cave SE Annex 2009 in Review

  • Yep, CANCON 09 with Tas, the Lad and Comrade James! Played more games in the one weekend than I think I did for the rest of the year!!!
  • Lost 7 months of my life to playing World of Warcraft... don’t be fooled, GW are not the Great Satan, Blizzard are so much more insidious, WoW doesn’t cost you more than $15 a month but does suck every skerrick of life out of you as you find yourself craving your next online quest... check out The Guild if you don’t believe me!!!The Guild
Major Games Bought
  • Bought (further) into AT-43 (no thanks to Tas!!!!)
  • Continued to hoard Infinity Miniatures.... played one game this year...
  • ..also got Bloodbowl Computer Game... I hate Wood Elves...
  • Picked numerous rules sets including Blackpowder and This Very Ground (FIW)
  • Although the star of the year was Space Hulk!! And TWO copies no less!!!
  • Re-introduced myself to 40K with the new Space Wolves codex and a bunch of new SW minis.....
  • The strong aussie dollar and fantastic deals from Maelstrom Games in the UK has seen me ordered vast quantities of not only 40K but Perry and Victrix Napoleonics in 28mm!!! ...oh and pre-ordered one of the ECW Scots Covenanter’s battle forces...
Played Mostly
  • WH40k....
  • World of Warcraft DOESN’T count!!!
Modelling Highlights
  • Started on the Space Hulk minis; each sculpt is a work of art!!
  • Got back into finishing some Tau (Comrade James, any pics of your efforts?)
  • Made inroads into assembling new Space Wolves; the Canis Wolfborn mini is HUGE.
  • Have started work on the Perry plastics; Peninsular British Line and Rifles...
2010 Forecast
  • Finish Tau and Space Wolves!
  • Finish Napoleonic British!
  • Plan an expansion to Man Cave SE Annex; 13’ x 13’ room built into the “big shed”!
  • Establish the regular gaming plan with Tas!!
  • Resist World of Warcraft!!!
  • Actually play a game of Space Hulk!!!!
Trivial Miscellany
  • Finally installed a 20,000litre water tank... but no rain since....
  • Sadly turned the half century and realised I have far too many unpainted minis still...

04 December 2009

Southern Australian Man Cave 2009 in Review

CANCON 2009 with Tas and The Lad and Oberst Owen (and my partner Sam,part time painter girl)
TURNERQUAIDE II- the joy of losing every single game, and still having fun
ATtrition- more gaming goodness with Tas and The Lad
SWIPEX- Never ones to miss an opportunity to game in exotic (!) locations.....
Establishing the Southern Australian Man Cave in my new home,which reminds me:
Getting Divorced :) (or otherwise known as regaining gaming time) and then moving into new home with partner
Continuing the lunchtime Ivanhoe sessions with the crowd at work

Major Games Bought
Uncharted seas, with 2 fleets (thanks to Tas)
Bought into AT-43 (thanks to Tas)
Combat Commander Pacific (nothing to do with Tas)
Trafalgar (some Tas influence)
Bloodbowl Computer Game (Tas......resistance is futile!!)
Ambush Alley (helloooo Oberst Owen!)
Force on Force (the larger scale version of AA)
Continued 40K and Warhammer fantasy and FLames of War purchases

Played Mostly
Warhammer 40K, Fantasy, FLames of War, Ivanhoe

Modelling Highlights
Actually did some..thats a highlight!!
Pinned my first model, 40K Tau Broadside Battlesuit..weak ankles, BIG guns....
Christened my GW SPray gun, undercoated 36 Fire Warriors, and 3 vehicles with one paint pot in 20 mins
Built and now 3/4 painted Ork Trukk
Built 3/4 Ork Battlewagon
Built and roughcoated a 40k ruined building
Commenced work on first Tau squad of 12.....I said 'commenced'.....

2010 Forecast
Finish Tau....
Finish Battlewagon
Finish Trukk
Start and finish English 1/1200th scale fleet for Trafalgar
Start and finish Human Imperial fleet for Uncharted Seas
HOPEFULLY purchase and get into Vietnam mod for Flames of War
Continue Tau vs Space WOlves campaign with Jase
Continue to nag Tas about Bloodbowl computer game
Establish regular gaming group for boardgaming

Removed husband status, continued to perform role of father, discovered what was meant by 1-1 scale terrain modelling :(,

More reinforcements and the Hulk Expands...

More postal Drop pods arrive! (Though while I was away for a few days so I am so busted!)

New arrivals include:
Metal Dreadnought with twin Lascannon and rocket launcher
Termie Squad
Tac Marines
A few special marines which will go toward the Captain's Command Squad (still need a banner bearer and a champion though)

Also, I found a guy who had bought Space Hulk and was offloading it all split up. I was able to grab a full set of tile, doors and counter for a very reasonable $40+postage. So now we can play most of the Deathwing and Genestealer scenarios and between Owen and I we have 4 sets of tiles!

That may be sufficient....for now....

03 December 2009

2009 in Review - Canberra Man Cave

I've been listening to the D6G and their recent 'year in review' feature got me thinking about what the Man Cave (Canberra Annex) has achieved this year:

Started this Blog!
CANCON 09 expedition
TURNERQUAIDE II - Man Cave gaming weekend with Comrade James, Oberst Owen and the Lad
ATtrition - Weekend AT-43 battle royale with Comrade james and the Lad
SWIPEX - gaming in Sydney with Comrade James
Cro-Magnon Lager, first of the Man Cave Brewery products!
Shopped in a Games Store in Hawaii
Wrote a short campaign supplement for Wessex Games's Aeronef (about to be publlished)

Major Games Bought:
Bought into AT-43 (ostensibly to get pre-painted armies and as an alternative to 40k)
40k (above plan didn't work so well)...building an IG Army for me, SM Army for Lad
Space Hulk (and I really did just go in for two pots of paint...)
Carcassone & expansions
Uncharted Seas (yes, all remain unpainted...)
Minor Games: a few...some I even played!

Played Mostly:
Invanhoe, Carcassone, Cave Troll, AT-43, Space Hulk

Modelling Highlights:(sadly few really...)
AT-43 bits and peices
Deathwing Squad complete
Started Salamanders and IG Army
Built a Dice Tower

2010 forecast & plan:
Relocation of Man Cave to Melbourne in January (closer to Oberst Owen!)
Setup some sort of regular gaming plan with Oberst Owen
Finish our 40k armies and get some games in
Play a Space Hulk campaign with the Lad
Resurgence of the Vietnam genre using the new Flames of War variant rules
Expand the Man Cave Brewery product range!

Trivial Miscellany
Husband and father, completed Master Degree, finished two Cert IVs, Scout Leader.

I invite outlying Annexes to tender their contributions!

01 December 2009

1st Tactical Squad almost done

Some minor progress, amongst the brewing and domestic slavery (!)

1st Squad complete except for the basing and decals. Actually, some of the decals are on, but unfortunately they arrived in the mail soaked through because of the rain. And now some are peeling off. I'll try putting some gloss varnish on as a glue then placing the decals back on top of that. Hopefully, I can get some pics up shortly.

Some more deliveries of trade items have arrived (as you can see form the status bar) and I have based and primed a Dreadnought (AoBR style with multi-melta and CCW) for some work hopefully this weekend. Also negotiated some transport for the lads - they will soon be backed up by a Rhino, a Razorback and a Predator which will take the army to a respectable 1750 points.