05 December 2009

Man Cave SE Annex 2009 in Review

  • Yep, CANCON 09 with Tas, the Lad and Comrade James! Played more games in the one weekend than I think I did for the rest of the year!!!
  • Lost 7 months of my life to playing World of Warcraft... don’t be fooled, GW are not the Great Satan, Blizzard are so much more insidious, WoW doesn’t cost you more than $15 a month but does suck every skerrick of life out of you as you find yourself craving your next online quest... check out The Guild if you don’t believe me!!!The Guild
Major Games Bought
  • Bought (further) into AT-43 (no thanks to Tas!!!!)
  • Continued to hoard Infinity Miniatures.... played one game this year...
  • ..also got Bloodbowl Computer Game... I hate Wood Elves...
  • Picked numerous rules sets including Blackpowder and This Very Ground (FIW)
  • Although the star of the year was Space Hulk!! And TWO copies no less!!!
  • Re-introduced myself to 40K with the new Space Wolves codex and a bunch of new SW minis.....
  • The strong aussie dollar and fantastic deals from Maelstrom Games in the UK has seen me ordered vast quantities of not only 40K but Perry and Victrix Napoleonics in 28mm!!! ...oh and pre-ordered one of the ECW Scots Covenanter’s battle forces...
Played Mostly
  • WH40k....
  • World of Warcraft DOESN’T count!!!
Modelling Highlights
  • Started on the Space Hulk minis; each sculpt is a work of art!!
  • Got back into finishing some Tau (Comrade James, any pics of your efforts?)
  • Made inroads into assembling new Space Wolves; the Canis Wolfborn mini is HUGE.
  • Have started work on the Perry plastics; Peninsular British Line and Rifles...
2010 Forecast
  • Finish Tau and Space Wolves!
  • Finish Napoleonic British!
  • Plan an expansion to Man Cave SE Annex; 13’ x 13’ room built into the “big shed”!
  • Establish the regular gaming plan with Tas!!
  • Resist World of Warcraft!!!
  • Actually play a game of Space Hulk!!!!
Trivial Miscellany
  • Finally installed a 20,000litre water tank... but no rain since....
  • Sadly turned the half century and realised I have far too many unpainted minis still...


  1. Agreed- WoW doesnt count: I thought you'd moved to Antarctica for awhile there!

    I think we can sortout your Space Hulk deficiency

    You can never have too many minis, unpainted or otherwise. And you know what will happen if you paint them all...

    2010 bodes well for Victorian Man Caves. We need to come up with a regular gaming plan, somewhere between us. Integration of SA Man Cave visitors will be key too.

    And of course Arcanacon and Little Wars Melboure beckon too!

  2. I suspect Arcanacon will be the first strategic planning conference for the Man Caves.

    Hmm, Arcanacon is over 4 days next year, with Tuesday 26th being Australia Day and Monday 25th NOT a Public Holiday.... I suspect I will have a flex day Monday :-)

  3. Agree ottally with integrating with my Victorian brethren...Arcanacon may be a tad too early for yours truly but spontaneous weekends of opportunity are defintely on the cards
    And Owen, pics to follow mate, give me a while, definitely a work in progress those Tau lads....