06 December 2009

Some Salamander progress

Kept at it today focusing on the Command Squad (as it is right now) - got the Captain, Vet Sgt, Apothecary and plama Gunner all basecoated and most of the detailing done. The white sections (helmet, shoulderpads, geneseed extractor and kneepad) on the Apothecary, a great old edition metal version, was a particular challenge.

No, no pics yet - sorry!

On the lookout for a Company Champion figure and a banner bearer to round out the Command Squad


  1. I'm a big Salamander fan! I've got about 2200 pts of em right now. What kind of wargear did you give your captian that's going with the command squad. I plan on doing a command squad soon, but I'm torn about how to load out the captain. I have the typical He'stan melta spam. I was thinking captain and command squad on bikes! :)

  2. Thanks for the message - I'll post my draft Army list tonight. Like you I am deliberately flamer heavy: Cleanse and Burn!

  3. Cleanse and Burn definitely! In addition to meltas, I put flamers everywhere that I couldn't put a melta. In the case of landspeeders, I put melta and heavy flamers.