29 December 2009

Firestorm Armada

I must admit I was excited about this last year, waned with the initial delays, moved onto other stuff with more delays and then forgot all about it. But now its out!
Yesterday I heard the D6G review of this game, very similar to Uncharted Seas it would seem. Simultaneously (in fact, while listening to said D6G episode) I found my stash of Starship minis and space terrain from my Full Thrust and BFG days. I'm gonna have to at least get the rulebook it would seem...Maelstrom Games stock it too!


  1. *sigh* here we go again....farewell bank balance....curse you Tas, curse you!!

  2. Oh man... I can't believe how cool that game looks. I didn't realize it was out yet! Yet another game to go puchase :(