11 July 2021

Back to the Deathwing

Getting out Space Hulk last week got me in the groove to add some jazz up my Deathwing models. I painted them over a decade ago now in a deliberately grimy style. Having recently discovered the "Grimdark" style of painting, I decided to experiment with enamel washes and chipping effects.

Here is how they were...

and a comparison mid project

Overall I'm very happy and have some characters in progress, but I had forgotten what a pain enamels can be and how long they take to fully dry and cure.

06 July 2021

June Hobby Round up

June saw my terrain painting focus continue, though we did play a variety of games along the way.

Really visually exciting was this great 40k Necrons v AdMech thowdown with my mate Patch and his 10 year old apprentice Commanders. This was the christening of the big urban battle terrain tiles and I was really pleased with how it all came out, with the colours in both lovely armies really popping on the light and desaturated tiles.

Also played a big game of General d'Armee at club buddy John's house, in which I commanded a wonderful looking French Division and marched it to its spectacular doom while assaulting an allied British and Spanish defensive line

Along the way Reilly did some work on our old Tyranid Army, adding a few more units to the Swarm and pitting them again a few of his University mates.

I also introduced two new gamers to our gaming group and have been playing soem games with them. Markus has a lovely Deathwatch Kill Team and we hav played 2 and 3 playr games of that recently which was fun.

This was the Necron that just wouldn't die - he soaked up 4 flesh wounds and kept repairing the damage! Reilly painted a honour mark on his after the battle

These are my Space Hulk terminators, most decades old. The Blood Angels on the left are from the original metal box release that I got in my University days

Comrade James and I unearthed our classic Terminators and threw down for a few Space Hulk missions. We tried to dial in Reilly (in Sydney COVID lockdown)  to command the Genestealers but we need to work on the tech to enable that better

I also help my mate Gavin start to base his Ancient. Now Gav never does anything by halves, so I'm talking about 500 Spartans, 500 Athenians plus some Cavalry and skirmishers. He is using 32 figure units on 2 bases, and all the figures are painted so we had to work out a way of basing that looks good, is storable, and is easily repeatable.  We potted about for a few hours and settled on this process:

This is the completed test unit on the table and looking the business, arrayed for battle. Gavin has now industrialised the process and I cant wait to see them all finished! He is now muttering about adding another few hundred Thebans to the mx...

And finally, I have been running some demo games of Blood Bowl so we can get a small League running in July. Cant wait!