19 September 2008


Avast there me hearties, you know what day it is? Once again it be:

International Talk like a Pirate Day!

Seeking Pirate Wench

Must Have
1. Tight Corset and Fyne Booty.
Preferrably likes it ROUGH and does not mind husband who goes to sea for months at a time. Is NOT the jealous type!

And this crewman be here for me old shipmate Maksim:

Have ye-selves an Arrrggghhhhh of a day mateys!

09 September 2008

Captain Baron Cherkassov

An interesting short article, which winds up rather badly for the Baron after he "had gone ashore that night to visit a lady friend, leaving his ship with torpedoes disarmed, all shells stowed save 12 and no extra men posted on watch."


"The two disgraced officers were court-martialed for negligence and summarily stripped of all their ranks and privileges as well as being given a 3 year and 18 month prison sentences respectively. Tsar Nicholas II also went so far as to decree that the Baron was to be sentenced to perpetual bachelorhood, it being forbidden for him to marry so that he could not perpetuate his disgraceful family name."

read why he was so horrendously punished and how "crew efficiency was further reduced" here: http://ww1history.suite101.com/article.cfm/zhemchug_vs_the_emden_1914

[This article is dedicated with great amusement to Ogrefencer]

The ill-fated Russian protected cruiser Zhemchug, her crew in high spirits

02 September 2008