10 September 2023

Father's Days Blood Bowl

Father's Day in Australia is in September, and both Comrade James and I have traditional grudge matches with our offspring on this important weekend of family machismo!

In Sydney this year, Reilly and I got some DungeonBowl on with DeathMath twists!

Loved the MVP Wandering Werewolf - somehow the teleporter in that room just sucked everyone in!

Somehow, I managed to leap a Gutter Runner around the Guardian Ogres and squeek over the line (get it?! - Dad jokes are legal for Father's Day)  to claim the first ever Father's Day win by this Dad,.

Meanwhile, in another State, James threw down with some Blood Bowl Team Manager with 2 of his progeny

07 September 2023

Bolt Action fun

Recently, Reilly and I threw down for some WW2 action. My Socials feed from the day reads thus:
Getting our bolt action on: US paras (painted by Reilly) v Germans (painted by Patch) 1250 points in Normandy #beatpaulsson

All reactions:

US howitzer opening shot. Needs a 6 to hit right? Hmm… Boom!

US Greyhound takes my 222 Armoured Car under fire. 6 to hit - so I didn’t Recce away. Guess what he rolled…

Remember that time the US Air Force dropped a bomb right on Hans and his comrades crewing the Pak40? No, they don’t either….

Tiffin card arrives!

After another US ground attack fighter eliminated an entire infantry squad, I thought a taste of home might help the boys’ flagging morale

And the US light mortar finished the game in style, lobbing a sighting salvo into my last remaining squad. Needless to say, I did not #beatpaulsson 😎

So yeah, that was a game. Throughly enjoyable as to seeing what hijinks the boy could pull off next, and if I would have anything left on the table by Turn 5!