15 February 2023

AHPC XIII: Stump Gun & Friends

I've put in some extra strangeness effort this week...

First up I present some fire support in the form of a Stump Gun, mounted on a giant slug in a vein attempt to generate some battlefield mobility. It doesn't, but on the bright side it is less likely to be stolen.

Sadly, the somewhat disturbing slime trails behind him aren't very visible in these pics

"El Slugo de Booma" is crewed by two rather, um, unusual...persons. This body horror duo are more than a little cringeworthy and Reilly made a number of complaints values based observations from across the hobby table during their creation. You're welcome.

These lads are metal Eureka models, to which I've added a pile of bits including the leftovers from a Victrix artillery piece that I converted to a bronze naval gun. Because naval guns are fabulous, obviously. I had planned a large pile of turnip ammunition next to it, but the slug ate them unfortunately. He's a rather voracious gastropod you see.

Warning: Touching El Sluggo usually results in rather unsightly skin legions...

Next up: a mounted Toady, accompanied by his faithful though emaciated (and somewhat mangey) root hound, who matches his boney carcass. 

The Toady likes to dress as a jester to give the battle a more festive vibe and keep up morale (but not morals unfortunately) amongst the otherwise dreary brawl.

Mr Maggot feels very fancy in his purple boots

These are also metal models by Eureka, though I have mixed and matched between different sets to get this combination.


11 February 2023

AHPC XIII: Crab Bisque

Yes - more Turnip madness! Introducing Lenny Krabbitz and Miss Shelly Snippins, a pair of Scuttling crab monsters for the "Feast of Charybdis" cult in Turnip28

Scuttlers are a unique burrowers that can manoeuvre in the subterranean filth and emerge unexpectedly to grab your turnips from behind. Bit of a nasty shock that. The howdah riders assist by helpfully pushing would be victims toward the claws and mandibles to ensure their Scuttler gets a good meal. Its a win-win for (nearly) everybody.
Lenny proudly cultivates his eyebrow tufts

I 3d printed these and in my typical fashion then obsessed with intricate details for an excessively long time. More importantly though, they were FUN to make!

Poor Lenny sports metal patches on his carapace where he came off 2nd in previous battles


Crustacean conga line!

08 February 2023

AHPC XIII: Tanks a lot!

The week's submission from Reilly:


Here we have some US armour armor (have to spell it the silly American way!) -no you don't and never do it again, to support my D-Day paratroopers as part of my Bolt Action project. With the morning jump troops done and dusted, its time to start doing the afternoon as the support wave of US army and tanks catch up with the vets to help crack through any stubborn defenders still left standing.

Here we have an M3A1 Stuart,  a quicker zippier tank sent up through the lines to support the airborne earlier on while the rest of the platoon were stuck clearing hedgerows. Positively COVERED in MGs with 3 hull mounted, a co-ax, and a pintle, the "BATTLE WAGON" is ready to hose down the krauts as they push into Normandy proper, and later Holland. This is my first plastic tank kit being the Warlord plastic Stuart kit and man difference in heft is certainly felt when moving it around (I much prefer the resin kits when it comes to tanks).

The "BATTLE WAGON" having met up with the forward
deployed airborne, providing the wonders of mobile cover and resupplies.

"THE GOVERNOR" shows up to finish the job with its hefty firepower

Next we have "THE GOVERNOR",  an M4 Sherman ready to finally get back into the action after busting open hedgerows all day with its ad-hoc Culin cutter. Armed with the 75MM mainline gun and a 2 30. Cal MGs it's presence will definitely be felt on the table. The Culin cutter was 3d printed by myself, and the rest is the classic resin warlord Sherman kit.

An M3A1 Stuart and an M4 Sherman
photographed together in May 1944, Italy.

Happy Painting all!


03 February 2023

AHPC XIII: More Turnip28 madness

Today I'm contributing to the Turnip28 madness squelching about this Challenge; apologies for my tardiness but Turnips mature slower out on the sludge sea you see. Root whales nibble at them you know....

Skirmishing Chaff. Extra long rifles give extra long range - it only makes sense really

Adding to my existing (pre AHPC) force is a unit of 4 Chaff (skirmishing types), a unit of 6 Brutes (melee specialists) plus two characters. 

Brutes - melee specialists in kilts

As usual, they are heavily converted with all sorts of bits - Medieval, Napoleonic, Afghan Tribesman, 3d printed components, home made bits, the odd Warhammer and 40k parts and of course much rummaging in the bitz box.
Yes one has a snail on his helmet and the holds aloft a Turnip standard. Judge not.
Adding rooty growths to one's helmet is a mark of martial prowess you know

This is a Toady, one of the Leaders of my motley crew. Super creepy.
He likes hugs. Do so at own risk.

His collection of turnips and tubors have taken over his body, even transforming his face. Still, despite a lack of eyes he can sniff out the best root tubers in the muck, so the boys continue to follow him. Conversion based on a 3d print from Knucklebones Miniatures.

I had fun building these, with all sorts of madness that made me chuckle often. From misaligned spyglass sights to double length rifles, hand painted flags and heraldry, it was a hoot. Its also wonderfully freeing to just do whatever one wants. Does take awhile though, to be honest. Not the most economical of hobby genres but worth it in terms of mental health and getting bewildered comments on posts :-)

And now the piece de resistance - the Toff (or General) of my army; Tiffin McSnobbingburn, self proclaimed Lord of the Carrot fields. 

'Bring me news of our Victory. And turnips - bring those also'

His snooty, holier-than-thou pose makes him far too good to walk in the filth with everyone else, so I built a viewing stand to keep him and his brandy out of the muck. Well, a suitably crappy and poorly constructed one, obviously but still, it keeps his shoes shiny and remarkably free of filth crusting.  Hand painted flag obviously, once again using the champagne foil method (Mrs Man Cave insists you know...)

'Bow down before my enormous Carrots!'

And so my Turnip28 collection now looks thus:

...with something a bit different on the horizon! :-)