08 February 2023

AHPC XIII: Tanks a lot!

The week's submission from Reilly:


Here we have some US armour armor (have to spell it the silly American way!) -no you don't and never do it again, to support my D-Day paratroopers as part of my Bolt Action project. With the morning jump troops done and dusted, its time to start doing the afternoon as the support wave of US army and tanks catch up with the vets to help crack through any stubborn defenders still left standing.

Here we have an M3A1 Stuart,  a quicker zippier tank sent up through the lines to support the airborne earlier on while the rest of the platoon were stuck clearing hedgerows. Positively COVERED in MGs with 3 hull mounted, a co-ax, and a pintle, the "BATTLE WAGON" is ready to hose down the krauts as they push into Normandy proper, and later Holland. This is my first plastic tank kit being the Warlord plastic Stuart kit and man difference in heft is certainly felt when moving it around (I much prefer the resin kits when it comes to tanks).

The "BATTLE WAGON" having met up with the forward
deployed airborne, providing the wonders of mobile cover and resupplies.

"THE GOVERNOR" shows up to finish the job with its hefty firepower

Next we have "THE GOVERNOR",  an M4 Sherman ready to finally get back into the action after busting open hedgerows all day with its ad-hoc Culin cutter. Armed with the 75MM mainline gun and a 2 30. Cal MGs it's presence will definitely be felt on the table. The Culin cutter was 3d printed by myself, and the rest is the classic resin warlord Sherman kit.

An M3A1 Stuart and an M4 Sherman
photographed together in May 1944, Italy.

Happy Painting all!



  1. Nice work, paticularly on the Stuart. I agree about the spelling, I akways pronounce it "AAR..more" inside my head when it's written that way, similarly "Koh..lore" 😀