30 April 2013

Cold Blooded Croakers

I realised that I had never posted pics of Right Stuff's Slann team, The Cold Blooded Croakers, which he did well with at last year's Canberra Cup.  Here they are in all their glory :

Leaping Lizards! Converted from the Frog Warrior figures range by Nic at Eureka Miniatures (http://eurekamin.com.au/).  They were mildly converted, mainly with the addition of turtle shell armour to keep them safe on the field.
Converted Support Figures - Helmet Wulf Star Player, Cheerleaders and Apothecary
And a more recent addition to the team: The Kroxigor.  This great fig is from the Wargods of Aegyptus range

09 April 2013

Varjazi & Basileus

More SAGA goodness! I'm envious of those of you who can pick up a copy at the SALUTE release:

Varjazi & Basileus is a full colour mini supplement for the SAGA rules and is the last one to cover the factions of the Viking Age.

Contained within are all the rules and background for three new factions, one of which, the Byzantines, has already been the subject of a article in a sold-out issue of Wargames Illustrated. The other two are the Pagan Rus and their successors, the Era of The Princes Rus.

Also included are a new Swords For Hire unit, the dreaded Steppe Nomads, who can be in the pay of all three of these factions, and a new Hero Of The Viking Age for the Byzantines, Harald Hardradda, Captain Of The Varangian Guard.

We wanted to end this cycle with a bang so Varjazi & Basileus is presented in a full-colour card folder that can accommodate your Battleboard collection, the Rulebook and an additional supplement. Varjazi & Basileus also contains the relevant 3 Battleboards.£12

05 April 2013

Call Me Maybe

This is a hoot - its some funny US military guys in Afghanistan parodying the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders doing their own video clip to this song.  Thumbs up boys!  Great to see such humour in a tough place

02 April 2013

Season 2 Summary

Looking back at Odinn's Champions' Season 2, moving up from the Rookies and into the Minors league was a real roller-coaster ride.  After two initial losses without scoring a single TD, the Norse got onto a winning streak of four games which launched them into the top section of their Division and cemented a berth in the playoffs when a draw in the final round saw them finish second overall.  The playoff games were tough though, starting with a match against the winners of the other Division, which was lost respectably at 4:3, followed by another close match against the Chaos Dwarves which eventually ran out as a 2:1 loss in overtime.
Empire Records2 OpponentTD scorecas score (kills)gate
F2Hammer of Hashut1 - 24 - 2  (0-1)30 000
F1The Savage Rose3 - 46 - 2  (3-0)29 000
round 7Woodland Stryders3 - 33 - 0  (0-0)30 000
round 6Hammer of Hashut2 - 12 - 3  (0-1)27 000
round 5Black Mountain Lochers2 - 16 - 1  (2-0)21 000
round 3River Stir Slayers2 - 00 - 0  (0-0)20 000
round 4Didditon Oddrugs2 - 02 - 1  (0-0)21 000
round 2Brutle Orcs0 - 21 - 3  (0-1)29 000
round 1Crimson Breweries0 - 11 - 6  (0-0)23 000
TD scorecas scoregate
15 - 14
1.7 - 1.6
25 - 18 (5-3)
2.8 - 2.0 (0.6 - 0.3)

26 000

Coach Right Stuff did a great job in getting to the playoff is his second ever season, scored more TDs than he gave away, had a record of 4W-1D-4 L but most importantly killed 5 opposition players - of which 3 were elves :-)

In the League standings (of 16 teams), the Champions finished up with representation in every category, which is pretty cool and included third for most casualties (well done Angry Agnarr, the Yheti with 7 to his credit)
Season's Top Scorers
1  The Phloem Wood Elf CatcherThe Savage Rose 13
2 Luc FILOVENT Human CatcherAll French Company 11
3  Angle Flash BeastmanChaos Madness 10
4  Jaymaar WardancerWoodland Stryders 9
5  The Petal Wood Elf CatcherThe Savage Rose 8
6Alven le jeûnot Human CatcherAll French Company 7
-  Gottit Wood Elf CatcherWoodland Stryders 7
8 Micheal Vincent WerewolfThe Midnight Hour 6
- Gizar Greyclaw Norse RunnerOdinn's Champions 6
-  Dar III Gutter RunnerDidditon Oddrugs 6

Season's Top Killers
1  Kremlin Meyhem Bounty (20000 gp)Chaos MinotaurChaos Madness 3
2  Thorin Dwarf BlitzerBarak Varr Dreadnaughts 2
-  Halfling Shitter BeastmanChaos Madness 2
-  Fallen Boon Chaos WarriorChaos Madness 2
- Sven Forkbeard Norse BerserkerOdinn's Champions 2
- A Good Elf deadZombieThe Midnight Hour 2
7 Alven le jeûnot Human CatcherAll French Company 1
-  Thráin Bounty (20000 gp)Dwarf BlitzerBarak Varr Dreadnaughts 1
-  Farin Dwarf BlockerBarak Varr Dreadnaughts 1
-  Narvi Dwarf BlockerBarak Varr Dreadnaughts 1
Season's Top Casualty inflicters
1  Kremlin Meyhem Bounty (20000 gp)Chaos MinotaurChaos Madness 11
2  Halfling Shitter BeastmanChaos Madness 8
3 Angry Agnarr Snow TrollOdinn's Champions 7
-  Gilim Orcbreaker Troll SlayerCrimson Breweries 7
-  Ghanahk Rockfist Chaos Dwarf BlockerHammer of Hashut 7
- Tim the Tool Dwarf BlockerFUBAR Fellows 7
- Sven Forkbeard Norse BerserkerOdinn's Champions 7
-  Aztak Granitesmash Troll SlayerCrimson Breweries 7
-  The Toxin WardancerThe Savage Rose 7
10 Glen Calvie OgreBlack Mountain Lochers 6

Season's Top Throwers
1  The Stigma Bounty (20000 gp)Wood Elf ThrowerThe Savage Rose 25
2  Undead Eradicator BeastmanChaos Madness 23
3  Amrod Wood Elf ThrowerWoodland Stryders 17
4  Le Duke Human ThrowerAll French Company 13
5Boris Surespear Norse ThrowerOdinn's Champions 12
-  Hirkas Copperhand Dwarf RunnerCrimson Breweries 12
7  Frerin Dwarf RunnerBarak Varr Dreadnaughts 10
-  Chuck Schitt Human ThrowerRiver Stir Slayers 10
9  Hippity Hopper Skaven ThrowerDidditon Oddrugs 8
-  Urdrirr Silverheart Dwarf RunnerCrimson Breweries 8

In reviewing the roster we've seen significant skilling up over the season and TV has risen from 120 to
187.  Perhaps a little trimming is in order with the Linemen, but with all that 7AR you know it wont take long before nature takes its course and it happens anyway.  After the last game rookie Ulfwerner Grendel Slashclaw has joined the game in jersey number 13, a reroll has been added and Fan factor went down 1.

Player name
1profileAngry Agnarr
Snow Troll
5518Loner, Claws, Disturbing Presence, Frenzy, Wild Animal, Mighty BlowGuardStand Firm10011234200 k
2profileSven Forkbeard
Norse Berserker
6437Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Piling OnMighty Blow+ST0218231180 k
3profileHarold the Missionary
Norse Berserker
6337Block, Frenzy, Jump Up 00000090 k
4profileFafnir Bearclaw
Norse Runner
7337Block, Dauntless, DodgeSure FeetCatch0180340150 k
5profileGizar Greyclaw
Norse Runner
7337Block, Dauntless, DodgeSide StepDiving Catch0482032150 k
6profileBoris Surespear
Norse Thrower
6337Block, Pass, Sure HandsAccurate01411124110 k
Norse Lineman
6337Block, Tackle120211370 k
Norse Lineman
6327Block, GuardStand Firm10100316110 k
9profileDag the Dangerous
Norse Lineman
5337Block, Wrestle001121570 k
Norse Lineman
6337Block 00010250 k
Norse Lineman
6417Block, +ST000219100 k
12profileRodger the Furious
6428Frenzy, Block000219130 k
13Grendel Slashclaw
6428Frenzy 000000110 k
Team Name:Odinn's ChampionsTeam Re-rolls:4
Race:NorseFan Factor:4
Coach:Right Stuff & Paul O´GAss. Coaches:1
Team Value:1,870,000 Cheerleaders:1
Treasury:30 000 gpApothecary:yes

Player to watch next season is Blitzer Sven Forkbeard who has just added a strength boost to his stats, and with his Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Pile On, Mghty Blow he is becoming casualty machine!

See you next Season!