27 June 2008

Mk IV: Lucious

Name: Lucious
Allegience: NAC
Modelling notes: This is another German WW II camo scheme. After a spray base coat of Floquil white, I airbrushed the model with Vallejo Yellow Ochre. I then airbrushed the stripes with Testors Model master Medium Green (1713), and Rust(1785). Once dry, the model was washed with GW brown ink, then highlighted with GW Bleached Bone. After a coat of Testor's Glosscote, the decals were applied - these were model railroad decals that I picked up a hobby shop. I finished the model with another round of Glosscote, then Testor's Dullcote.
Credit: Luious

26 June 2008

Mk II: Winter Camo

Allegience: PanE
Modelling notes: The paint scheme is an actual WW II German winter camo - I saw it on a Panzer IV, online.
I managed to lose part of my airbrush, so this model was done with aerosol spray cans. I did a base prime with Floquil white spray. This was followed by a base coat spray of Testor's Model Master Afrika Mustard (I think)..
I then cut lots of very small pieces of rectangular masking tape, and applied them randomly. I lightly oversprayed the whole madel with Floquil white primer again, let it dry, then removed the masking. This was followed by a black wash, then white highlighting. After a coat of Testor's Glosscote, I applied the red decals to the turret (they are from GHQ - Russian WW II markings).
I gave the model a final spray of Glosscote, to seal the decals, followed by a coat of Dullcote.
Credit: Lucious

25 June 2008

Enemy Jamscreen neutralised

Friendly connectivity has suffered major interruptions over the past 10 days due to heavy electromagnetic jamming.

The recent strategic cruise missile offensive has neutralised the jamscreen installation responsible for this intereference (as well as several million hectares of enemy held territory) and normal services are now returning.

Have an OGRE day!

12 June 2008

Mk VI: Bun-Bun

Designation: BNB 60018-B Name: "Bun Bun"
Allegiance: North American Combine
Notes: "Bun Bun" was built in the continental United States. Its' initial deployment and "shaking out period" required that it cross into the Eurasian Theater by crossing the Arctic Circle, thus his white and gray "winter" camo pattern. This unit was self named upon finding that the technicians at the proving grounds where its' weapons were zeroed in were fans of a pre-neuronet electronic "comic strip".
Credit: Lerchey

11 June 2008

Mk V: Sandman

Name / Designation: Sandman
Allegiance: NAC
Credit: Lucious

09 June 2008

Mk V: Ozymandius

Name: Ozymandius, a.k.a. "Ozzy"Allegience: NAC
Modeling Notes: Airbrushed. Decals from Microscale
Credit: Lucius

08 June 2008

Light Tent

This may be an inexpensive way to drastically improve taking pics of my recent activity - I will try to make one...one day!


Fencer: Schultz

Official Designation: "Cologne Cathedral"Combine nickname: "Schultz"
Allegiance: Paneuropean
Notes: "Cologne Cathedral" was dispatched on a mission to kill a high-ranking Combine general. While mauling the the Combine defense force, the Ogre managed to destroy two dummy command posts, before withdrawing. The unharmed Combine general remarked that the "Cologne Cathedral" reminded him of the character of a German sargeant, in an obscure 20th Century television show, who also "saw nothing". The name stuck, and even Paneuropean soldiers adopted it.
Credit: Lucius

07 June 2008

Mk III: Dazzleship

Name / Designation: Unknown - CODENAME: Dazzleship
Allegiance: North American Combine
Unit / Formation: Unknown NAC formation, European Front
Notes: Unknown OGRE tracked by PanE ground sensors and occasional confirmatory orbital imagery
Credit: Mark "Extra Crispy: Severin

06 June 2008

Scenario: The Mecklenburg Gamble

Source: "Drow" Magazine, No.1, 1993- Author Unknown)

Date Line
: Spring 2086
After blunting the Paneuropean drive on Riga in the summer of '85, Army Group Baltic used the winter to reorganise and re-equip. Stretching an already taut supply network to the limit, the Army Group was made ready for a counter offensive.

A.G. Baltic's task was made easier in that much of the Pan-E's eastern army was held down occupying the east coast of the old North American Federation. When the mud had dried, A.G. Baltic launched its attack.

Only the Central Reserve, moved forward to the Macklenburg city of Rostock, stood in the way of a decisive Combine breakthrough. In order to maintain momentum, Marshal Sargov chose to deploy his special forces. An amphibious and airborne assault would be launched to capture the port of Lubeck, thus trapping the central reserve east of the Elbe, where they would be annihilated at leisure by the second line infantry.

Orders of Battle

Combine Forces:
201st Assault Squadron [Col. Rik Danilov]- 12 GEV
366th Jump Troop [Cpt. Alex Kutsevov]- 8 Inf
2nd Tank Battalion [Maj. Dev Gorki]- 10 Armour
Entry: 201st: any water hex, east side of map on Turn 1.
366th: Drop Zone (DZ) on any clear hex, any turn (units to be deployed within 3 hexes of DZ & may not move on initial turn)
2nd: Any undestroyed lake side hex after Lubeck is taken (max of 4 units per turn & may not move on turn of landing)

Paneuropean Forces:
XXXIII Landwehr Division [Maj. Franz Tenkof]- 24 Inf + 5 Armour
West Country Volunteers [Col. James Fennes]- 10 Armour (+1 Inf per Lt or Hvy tank)
Entry: XXXIII: Any City, deployed at start.
Volunteers: Enter on hexes 0422 and/or 1822, turn 5

Victory Conditions - Combine:
Unit Destruction, 6 points per Bridge destroyed and 2 points per City Road hex destroyed.

Victory Conditions - Paneuropean:
Unit destruction, 6 points per city hex west of hexrow 06 occupied or adjacent to a friendly unit and 30 points for majority control of Lubeck (Hexes 1915-2315).

Game Length: 20 turns

Mk V: Grendel

Name / Designation: 'GRENDEL'
Allegiance: PanEuropean
Unit / Formation: 97th PanEuropean (7th Scandanavian)
Notes: Sergeant Grendel is one of the newest members of the 97th PanEuro, a Division that is very proud of its Norwegian roots. All very-heavy vehicles and Ogres have the Norwegian flag painted on them. All other elements are red with white and blue stripes on the barrels or passenger compartments.
Credit: Steve Hanson

05 June 2008

Mk III: Felicity

Name / Designation: "Felicity"
Allegiance: TBD
Unit / Formation: TBD
Notes: Named after a particularly annoying television character from the 21st century
Modelling notes: *I like my OGREs a little cleaner and less beat up. Overall I was pleased with how this turned out. I already have my next one - "Moon Unit" - ready for basing...
Credit: Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin

Fencer: Arminius

Name / Designation: "Arminius"
Allegiance: Pan European
Unit / Formation: Third Panzer Armee
Notes: Named after the German patriot who coordinated the destruction of three Roman Legions at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD. This unit also moonlights as the Argentinian Fencer 'Evita Peron', deployed to the Antarctic Disputed Zone in support of operations against Pan Pacific Alliance forces
Modelling notes: Upon reflection (years after painting) it needs additional detailing, weatheirng and some decals. I'll upload some new pics when I get around to doing that.
Credit: Tas

04 June 2008

Mk III: Yowie

Name / Designation: YOW-131 'YOWIE'
Allegiance: Pan Pacific Alliance
Unit / Formation: Long Range Strike Group, PanPac Northern Front
Notes: YOWIE holds the current PanPac record for an independant operation, 43 days during which it conducted surveillance patrols and independant strikes in the archipeligo to Australia's north.

Modelling Notes: This is a rather sentimental OGRE for me (if such a thing can be said about a sentient AI-controlled behemoth of death...): it was the first OGRE I ever painted, the first time I ever used an airbrush, and the first time I tried to do some digital effects on a picture.
Credit: Tas

03 June 2008

OGRE Dice?

Want some? Put your thoughts forward here: http://forums.sjgames.com/showthread.php?t=40699

Paint fest comes to an abrupt end

I recieved the dreaded phone-call recalling me to work for tomorrow, meaning that today became a catchup for unfinished domestic chores. I did at least finish off my NVA HMG stand and my US insignia decals arrived too so I should be able to progress some of those projects waiting for them.

I'll have to take some pics on the weekend to capture what I achieved, which was actually quite a bit it seems!

Mk V: Thunderchild

Name / Designation: TDL-024 "THUNDERCHILD"
Allegiance: Pan Pacific Alliance
Unit / Formation: 2nd (Cyber) Cavalry Regiment
Notes: Selected its own name after seeing the heroic HMS THUNDERCHILD's exploits in resisting the Martial Invaders in the classic tri-vid opera "War of the Worlds".
This Mk V was one of the second batch of Mk Vs produced by the Melbourne OGRE factory and was initally lost during a deep raid into Nihon territory. PanPac supplied guerillas recovered and hid the still active AI and it was eventually returned to Australia where it was incorporated into a new war hull. Since its rebuild Thundershild has displayed some aberrent behaviour but passes all technical assessments.

Credit: Tas

02 June 2008

Mk III: Bushranger

Name/Designation: BGR-001 'BUSHRANGER'Allegiance: Pan Pacific Alliance
Unit/Formation: 3rd Independant Brigade, PanPac Antarctic Strike Force
Notes: BUSHRANGER was one of the PanPac Alliance's first OGREs purchased from the NAC for battlefield assessment. Fielded extensively with great success on the Alliance's northern front, BUSHRANGER was one of the first units assigned to the PacPac Antarctic Strike Force to prevent Argentinian incursions across the southern pole.
Credit: Tas.

Paint-fest: Day 10 progress

..or lack of...

To be honest, after 3 coats of paint on the bathroom I just couldnt face any more brush-work, so today is offcially a rest day!

01 June 2008

System Online

....Reboot Complete...

System Status: ONLINE

...Standby for data upload...

Paint-fest: Day 9 progress

  • Deeply considered the problem of putting my USMC M60 teams on big bases or small bases, with only 3 figs per base. My big USMC bases have 4 figs each, while the Platoon HQ (with 3 figs) is on a small base. Oh the dilemma...
  • Undercoated said M60 teams (6 bases plus HQ)
  • Progressed the NVA HMG stand and crew - just basing left to go
  • Completed the test jungle section - it came out OK, but a little dark I think.