26 June 2008

Mk II: Winter Camo

Allegience: PanE
Modelling notes: The paint scheme is an actual WW II German winter camo - I saw it on a Panzer IV, online.
I managed to lose part of my airbrush, so this model was done with aerosol spray cans. I did a base prime with Floquil white spray. This was followed by a base coat spray of Testor's Model Master Afrika Mustard (I think)..
I then cut lots of very small pieces of rectangular masking tape, and applied them randomly. I lightly oversprayed the whole madel with Floquil white primer again, let it dry, then removed the masking. This was followed by a black wash, then white highlighting. After a coat of Testor's Glosscote, I applied the red decals to the turret (they are from GHQ - Russian WW II markings).
I gave the model a final spray of Glosscote, to seal the decals, followed by a coat of Dullcote.
Credit: Lucious

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