17 July 2023

July Hobby: Valour & Fortitude

British Brigade advances to contact in the centre

Along with Slowpainter John, we were hosted last weekend by Club mate Gavin to enjoy his awesome table and figure collection. We tried out the Valour & Fortitude rules which are from the Perry's website here

Its always a treat to play at Gav's place!

We played a 4 player (2v2) meeting engagement with Division level forces on each side: Brits vs French.

He is some eye candy from the game:


French Grenadiers go in with the bayonet


French Brigade assaults the British left flank

A good time for everyone!

I really enjoyed the simplicity of these rules. They also had me thinking about using them for FIW, but scaling them down to play a Regimental Commander with units representing companies, vanguard and flanking units and Indian allies. Hmmm....