29 August 2021

Caesarian Roman Reinforcements

Last time I was in quarantine (during AHPC XI) I started a new project: a Caesarian (late republic) Roman army to face Alan's army of Pompey Maximus, or Reilly's intention to build a Brittanic force with lots of nasty chariots so I poke my nose across the Oceanus Brittanicus. Being back in quarantine seemed a good opportunity to finish off some supporting units I didn't get to last time.  I'm also rewatching the HBO "Rome" series for inspiration :-)

Alan giving his Pompey army a definitive Eastern Med theme with Cretan archers, Greek spearmen etc so I want to give my Caesarians an opposing Western European look. Here is my first attempt at some Allied tribesmen from regions of Gaul who have volunteered entirely of their own free will to join the Republic, which was or their own good at any rate.

These are Warlord plastics, which I found challenging. Painting was a bit of a mess to be honest, so I requested and received some some excellent advice on painting plaid from Dux Homunculorum himself and the end result was much better than anticipated (thanks mate!). Awesome how a few nice shields (decals - the shame!) coupled with detailed basing can improve a unit overall. Of course, a single base is useful for harrying a flank or rear but not much else, so I suspect I will be doing some more of these to join them sometime.

Secondly, another unit of archers to join the one I did earlier this year. One stand didn't seem to do much so hopefully two will deliver more effective results. These are Warlord metal figs - I love their drooping moustaches which give them a 'recently inducted from allied tribes' look.

Next up Roman wise I shall be doing something very novel for me: Cavalry! 

(naturally, the imminent arrival of Kill Team 2 will likely dislocate my plans :-)

28 August 2021

Palanite Enforcers for Necromunda

Ahoy all - I've been working on my Palanite Enforcers for Necromunda and being a long time Dredd fan I just had to give them a MegaCity 1 vibe. I was excited to finish them off last night and pose them for pics amongst the terrain I have also been working on

If it bleeds we can kill it!

Not having played yet I went with a rule of cool weapon wise, and all helmeted - Judges don't take their helmets off on patrol! I've built 5 enforcers and 3 subjugators, with the same remaining still on sprue so I can make specific builds once we get a campaign going. I'm thinking a twin pistol gunman might be cool...

Ready to defend Sector 13 HQ from the Muties and Hivescum!

I also experimented with angled highlights, and a more cartoonish look to the reflections in the visors - in fact, I copied a few examples from the artwork in 2000AD. Pretty happy with how it came out.

Watch those corners Rookies!

Smile and Care...then Rip and Tear!

Paint wise I used a black undercoat and then:

Green armour (destaturated colour) - Waagh Flesh, Biel Tan wash, Waagh Flesh, 50/50 Waagh Flesh/Scarsnik Green, Scarsnik Green

Fatigues: Marine Dark Blue, Thunderhawk Blue highlights, super highlight with Fenrisian Grey

Red trimming: Mephiston Red, Evil Suns Scarlet

Gold: Retributor Armour, Ghenna Gold

Yellow chest circles: Ianden Darksun, Sepia Wash, Highlight with thinned Arial Yellow

Red features: Mesphiston red, Evil Suns Scarlet highlight

See you in the Underhive citizens!

23 August 2021

1st steps into 3d printing

Pretty chuffed with this - a week to go from liquid resin to finished

This month we started our first foray into 3d printing with our new resin printer (I was a lucky boy for my birthday!).  Amongst other test bits, we printed this piece of terrain which I have now finished painting, thanks to another round of COVID quarantine. TBH I'm rather thrilled with how its turned out, and this was the journey to get there.

Raw printed

adding basing materials


Then washes, highlights and detailing to get to the finished product:

01 August 2021

July Hobby Roundup

Well July continues and COVID lockdowns in other parts of the country mean that there have been no gaming with Reilly or my usual mates in Sydney. But we have been lucky where I am and I have started a small 6 player Blood Bowl league with club mates which has been a blast!  

The new Man Cave Stadium can facilitate 3 matches concurrently

As Commissioner, my focus has been getting everyone onto the new BB2020 rules and doing some player development. We have a broad range from experienced to brand new coaches, and everyone has a different race so there is quite a bit of diversity.

To help the coaches enjoy the league experience, I have been publishing a newsletter after each round, which has been well received

This season I have resurrected (!) my Vampire Team as the Capital Crusaders. As you expect from a Tier 2 team, they have been a bit slow off the mark but I am having fun with them.

Separately, I have been playing with Tabletop Simulator with some of the Sydney lads. To be honest I'm not enamoured with the pseudo miniatures games part of that, but the board wargame modules are superb - like upgunned versions on Vassal really. Hoping we can get a few more games going semi-regularly.