01 August 2021

July Hobby Roundup

Well July continues and COVID lockdowns in other parts of the country mean that there have been no gaming with Reilly or my usual mates in Sydney. But we have been lucky where I am and I have started a small 6 player Blood Bowl league with club mates which has been a blast!  

The new Man Cave Stadium can facilitate 3 matches concurrently

As Commissioner, my focus has been getting everyone onto the new BB2020 rules and doing some player development. We have a broad range from experienced to brand new coaches, and everyone has a different race so there is quite a bit of diversity.

To help the coaches enjoy the league experience, I have been publishing a newsletter after each round, which has been well received

This season I have resurrected (!) my Vampire Team as the Capital Crusaders. As you expect from a Tier 2 team, they have been a bit slow off the mark but I am having fun with them.

Separately, I have been playing with Tabletop Simulator with some of the Sydney lads. To be honest I'm not enamoured with the pseudo miniatures games part of that, but the board wargame modules are superb - like upgunned versions on Vassal really. Hoping we can get a few more games going semi-regularly.

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