31 January 2009

More Comrades!

Comrade Jame's forces have also received reinforcements: an RPG Soldati unit and attachments. Here are the newest Heroes of the Collective:

Reinforcements Arrive

Thanks to my mate Owen's purchasing prowess, additional forces are now ready for deployment. An additional Op Damocles Basic set brings my Fire Toad unit to full strength, as well as adding another Steel Trooper Squad. Reilly's Therions are also suitable reiforced... . Also joining the fray is a UNA Shock Trooper unit. This unit has evidently a veteran squad from the front, as one chap is carrying a significant war injury - I named him 'Lefty'!

30 January 2009


Photobucket In a rare show of Human cooperation, UNA DeathDeather TacArms and a Red Blok Strider go Therion Hunting...

29 January 2009

UNA Toad Cockpits

Apparently one can crack open a Fire Toad and reveal a fully detailed cockpit. This is what one enterprising guy has done after adding extra details to his - well done that man!

The advice I got from the AT-43 forum was:

Just cut it open with a sharp modelling knife! Its quite easy but try doing several cuts with medium pressure rather than trying to get through in one cut. It is a nice interior with details on the "hatch" as well.


No Mercy!

Photobucket A unit of UNA Fire Toads, under the Command of the Legendary Sgt Borz, advance to engage the Therion defenders in a Landing Scenario.

28 January 2009

Easy city block terrain

Using milk crates!
Add to the effect with "Urban Slag": http://www.skankgame.com/SlagMaking.html

Comrade James' Soldati

Photobucket James' lads as the deployed in the Landing Scenario which we played over the weekend. They charged onto the table to hide beyhind this non collectivist cover. The ensuing conversation went something like this: Squad Leader: Yuri! Stick your head around the corner and put some grenades into the enemy behind that barricade! Yuri: Yes Comrade Kaporal! BAM - Yuri is incinerated by an entire Squad of Therions on overwatch... Squad Leader: Ivan! Pick up Yuri's Grenade launcher, Stick your head around the corner and put some grenades into the enemy behind that barricade! Ivan: Yes Comrade Kaporal! etc.... The container I rusted up a bit with some pigment powders. I was pretty happy with how it came out.

27 January 2009

Terrain Tiles completed

Striking hot before the enthusiasm dissipates, I finished off the terrain tiles today. I also made another 2 while I was at it - which will allow me to cover a 4 x 2 foot playing area. They turned out pretty well I think, for a total investment of about $15 and 2 hours of my time

26 January 2009

Terrain Tiles project

Not happy with playing on the bare table surface over the weekend, I decided to whip up some terrain tiles for AT-43.
I used some old textured polystyrene ceiling tiles I had stashed from a project aband0ned years ago, and put them to use. I did 6 in total, quickly scuplting a few scorch and impacts marks, and glueing a few small flat peices of foam on for detailing.
Here they are with a base coat (British Paints "Misty Sky" - about $5 for a sample pot that did all of them with some left over):
and here they are after some washes:
More to follow!

16 January 2009

Trenches and Earthworks

Is a vile neighboring country raiding your border areas?

Are his Aeronef pounding your defenceless infantry regiments in the open?

Worried his spearhead of Land Ironclads will break through your defences too easily?

Maybe you need...trenches, the very latest thing in warfare!

Don't just deploy your men standing in neat lines looking magnificent as the enemy charge you- burrow down and stay out of his fire. OK, it might get your uniforms dirty and it isn't quite cricket but it works and your claret will stay a nice, cool drinkable temperature out of the sun - marvellous!

Conveniently, Kallistra have just released a new range of trenches and earthworks in 28mm scale which you can find here:

10 January 2009

General Wisdom

“I divide my officers into four classes;
the clever,
the lazy,
the industrious,
and the stupid.
Each officer possesses at least two of these qualities.”

- General Kurt von Hammerstein-Equord
"a German general who served for a period as Commander-in-Chief of the Reichswehr. He is famous for being an ardent opponent of Hitler and the Nazi regime"
from Wikipedia "

Hmmm...which are your traits?

03 January 2009

Desert Terrain Tutorials

Looking to replicate the barren wilderness of the Hindukush but dont know quite where to start? These tutorials will be of great assistance! Firstly, the Jackson Gamers built this lovely Wadi Zoum-Zoum terrain for their fictional Sudan campaign: http://www.angelfire.com/games3/jacksongames02/con_jim.htm which you can see here in action: http://www.angelfire.com/games3/jacksongamer/grn_nile2.htm Then there is this online tutorial by Esair which is nice and simple to replicate: http://www.esair.baueda.com/guides1.html