30 October 2021

October Hobby Roundup (Terraintober)

Having achieved my Orctober goal early with my Kill Team (by cheating of course, its Orkier that way), I shifted focus to Terraintober.  My main project has been this 28mm Apartment building by WOW Buildings that Alan printed for me. At 5 levels high its been a labour of love, and takes up a 1 foot square mdf base (I'm hoping to incorporate it into my Secret Weapon urban tiles layout)

The build has consumed about 30 hrs of modelling time post print thus far, trying to balance playability and diorama  - lots of battle damage with drill and dremel plus the rubbling inside that aims to give detail without impacting figure placement.

I'm aiming to sandbag some of the windows to give it a fortified building look, and then I'll call it ready for painting. I'm about to move house again so I'm thinking this might be a good project to paint up during the upcoming Analogue Painting Challenge.

The other terrain project this month was this small Greek Temple by Sarissa, which my daughter built with me for my Mortal Gods table. 

Nice little model that is very thematic without looking like the Temple of Hephaestus is on every battlefield. I'm looking forward to getting onto the table.

03 October 2021

Orktober: The Durty Duzen

Celebrating Orktober with my first ever 40k Ork skwad! These are my Durty Duzen: the Kommandos from the new Kill Team boxed set.  I put a bit of love into them over the past month and am rather stoked with how they finished up overall.
Fantastic figs these - wonderfully characterful. Kommandos are know to use Camo so I used a whole range of different, real-world schemes on them. Fun (though time consuming) to research and experiment.  I also used lots of purple on them to show their 'Sneeky Kunnin' (have you ever seen a Purple Ork? :-)

Introducin' da boyz of the Durty Duzen:

A Boss and 'is Bomb Squig

Kommando Boy, Breacha Boy, and Dakka Boy (love his WW2 Commando look)

Kommando Boy, Snipa Boy and Burna Boy

Slaha Boy, Kommando Grot, and Rokkit Boy

Dakka Boy and Comms Boy

Stormin' Normin' Krumpkopf, veteran Kommando Nob

Ork flesh was done in desaturated tones: Black Undercoat- Base Coat Loren Forest - 2nd Base (on muscles) Elysian Green - Highlight Ogryn Camon (applied in a glaze style). 

Basing was Armageddon Dunes technical, Sepia wash, drybrush with Zandri dust, then Vallejo Afrika Tank Crew, superhighlight with Wraithbone on stones only.

Can't wait to get these boyz into action against Reilly's Krieg, which he is painting up now.