27 November 2022

Rampant Return for War of the Roses

First test of the magnetic basing - nil casualties in transportation!

This weekend saw a double christening as Dux Homunculorum kindly hosted me to threw down with some War of the Roses action: our first time using the new Lion Rampant 2.0 rules set, and the first outing for my Lancastrians.

We like matching up asymmetrical forces - similar but not mirrors of one another to make things more interesting.  I went for weight of arrows, while Alan went more diverse.

Commanded by Lord Percy I fielded 2 units of Foot Knights (elite foot), 2 units of Billmen (Heavy Foot) and 3 Archers to defend the honour of the true and rightful king.  

Opposing my loyal men was Yorkist sympathiser Lord Scrope, with 2 units of Foot Knights (elite foot), 2 units of Billmen (Heavy Foot), 2 Archers, 1 Heavy Horse and 1 of Biddowers (skirmishers). 

Noble Lord Percy takes the field

Longbowmen on the field, ready to deliver an arrow storm

In the name of King Henry - Advance!

Archers Ready!
The Scrope horse waiting in reserve

The traitorous Lord Scrope of Bolton takes the field

Nock - Draw - Loose!

The enemy advance into Range

Long range fire plucked a few enemy from their feet, but not to any real effect. Perhaps next time I would be better taking less but Veteran Bowmen so more shafts find their place. Unofrtunately for these lads, they failed to receive the orders to retire (having failed the movement order test AND the reroll from the nearby Commander) and were thus charged by the advancing Billmen

Most impressively, they stood their ground with grim resolve, throwing back the Billmen with 3 casualties while only taking 2 themselves! Impressive, but as they clapped eachother on the back, the thunder of hooves resounded across the filled and the enemy heavy horse galloped into the attack
Unbelievably, the archers slew half (3) of the mounted knights but were inevitably scattered before them having taken more and failed their Courage check. Well done though lads, you have earned yourself a banner when i get back to the Hobby desk (my dice were hot!)

Incensed at the demise of the brave archers, my Foot knights dove down off the hilltop and into the Cavalry, drawing blood and sending the rest fleeing from the field.

At this point I was running low on remaining playing time and thought it timely for Lord Percy to advance upon Lord Scrope and proffer a duel. 

Fight me you Cad!
Alan was not inclined to accept the glove, but obliged me and did not regret the decision...

Seems to be something wrong with my bloody sword today...
...while the view from other side of the field was far more cheery

And with the Yorkist momentum blunted on the left wing, the battle petered out. I had inflicted far more casualties but my rash duel had cost me my Leader. Swearing oaths of vengeance both forces retired, swearing and the battle was concluded.

Good fun in Alan's great game room

Awesome to get my Lancastrians out for the first time - got some ideas on how the flesh the force out a little more. As ever, Alan is a fun, crafty and sporting opponent and it was great to catch up with him.  We found LR2.0 very easy to pickup - a few things we had to recheck but other wise flowed well an anything we needed was quickly found.  We played the variant where failing a unit activation does not mean the end of the turn, which works well at injecting friction without complete chaos.

Expect to see more WotR models joining my collection during the upcoming Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge season 13, which I have signed up for and looking forward to!

You can see more of Alan's Yorkists on his blog here: https://dux-homunculorum.blogspot.com/2016/06/wars-of-roses-for-lion-rampant.html

20 November 2022

Heresy Bash

This week we got a Horus Heresy going, with a rare opportunity for my World Eaters to fight alongside Reilly's Emperor's Children, and facing off against club mates Marty and Lachie, another Dad and Lad combo team playing Ultramarines and Night Lords respectively. Slowpainter John also came along for the spectacle and banter (and chilli I suspect!)

Rolled up a different table setup, which really helped compress the action

We got some new units onto the table, from Marty's lovely Quad Laser Vindicator (aka Space StuG), Reilly's Sabre Strike tank with Neutron blaster (christened the Space Hetzer) and Lord Eidolon, and my recently finished Leviathan Siege dreadnought- carried into battle in a drop pod I was still base coating 2hrs before battle.  All performed well on the table and I can hear the list tweaking already.  We also used the night fighting rules for the first time, which benefited everyone bar Marty

World Eater Despoilers use the ruins to cover their advance up the battlefield.

Once the game got going proper I was pretty wrapped up in the great narrative and forgot to take many pics. As ever, keeping a clever (and well rule read) Lad on each side kept the game flowing.  I had been playing a few rules incorrectly so there was some good system learning along way too.

World Eater Tactical Marines with Chain Bayonets advance...

Having dropping into the enemy line from Orbit, this was the moment I had been waiting for - our first Dreadnought melee clash! Marty beat me to the punch, close assaulting me and the resulting fury saw him explode and nearly take me with him! My Leviathan walked away with his first battel trophy, but with a major and near fatal limp!

Duel of the Fates!

Great mates, lots of laughs and narrative fun - loving the thematic games we are getting and the streamlined rules system. Much more to follow!

16 November 2022

World Eaters Leviathan Dreadnought

Seige Drill close combat loadout

I had a ball making this Leviathan Siege Dreadnought for my growing 12th Legion Horus Heresy army. I spent the extra time playing about with magnetising the weapons, and as a result have 3 different load outs available- a little extra time but well worth it. I also enjoyed adding the chains and skulls for that authentic World Eaters look!

Long range fire support with a pair of quad barrelled storm cannons

Now to get him onto the table to bring some havoc!

Grav-flux bombard and Cyclonic Melta-lance: the coolest names going!

This kinda got me thinking about going back to Adeptus Titanicus too...

02 November 2022

October Hobby Roundup: Heresy, Turnips and Roses

October saw another swathe of work travel, but a little bit more time at home and some actual gaming! The Horus Heresy has Reilly and I deeply immersed in the fluff and fun - the narrative gaming we are doing with club mates Marty and and Lachie is a real hoot. Here are my World Eater lads in action

The boys, eager for battle!

Turns out that clumping up like this attracts plasma like mosquitoes...

Rapier fire support

The only survivor of my Army! Kharn went on the survive 2 rounds of hand to hand combat with a Dreadnought and swagger away!

I'm working on some reinforcements...

Over the month more Turnip28 folks were constructed, so yes that madness continues...

I really like this pose, which comes from a Perry Afghan tribesman
Skirmishy type chaps with fancy longarms

Close combat Brutes in kilts!

And finally, an update for my War of the Roses Lancastrians, though I have another 70 or so figs built and ready for attention in the upcoming AHPC to join them.  I'm going to add some more character figures in livery, and then need to start considering their Yorkist adversaries.

I went initially with the 3-2-1 basing for the majority of foot troops to suit Lion Rampant but this army continues to...grow to a size that is probably beyond the scope of those rules.  I'm looking forward to Deluxe Never Mind the Billhooks being released soon, but I'll need to do some mixed Bill and Bow units which don't appear in Rampant.

I'll need to look farther afield if this develops into a larger project (like it hasn't already...) - thinking of Sword and Spear, or Clash of Spears. Would be convenient to have a common set of rules with my Roman Civil Wars project.

Be well!