20 November 2022

Heresy Bash

This week we got a Horus Heresy going, with a rare opportunity for my World Eaters to fight alongside Reilly's Emperor's Children, and facing off against club mates Marty and Lachie, another Dad and Lad combo team playing Ultramarines and Night Lords respectively. Slowpainter John also came along for the spectacle and banter (and chilli I suspect!)

Rolled up a different table setup, which really helped compress the action

We got some new units onto the table, from Marty's lovely Quad Laser Vindicator (aka Space StuG), Reilly's Sabre Strike tank with Neutron blaster (christened the Space Hetzer) and Lord Eidolon, and my recently finished Leviathan Siege dreadnought- carried into battle in a drop pod I was still base coating 2hrs before battle.  All performed well on the table and I can hear the list tweaking already.  We also used the night fighting rules for the first time, which benefited everyone bar Marty

World Eater Despoilers use the ruins to cover their advance up the battlefield.

Once the game got going proper I was pretty wrapped up in the great narrative and forgot to take many pics. As ever, keeping a clever (and well rule read) Lad on each side kept the game flowing.  I had been playing a few rules incorrectly so there was some good system learning along way too.

World Eater Tactical Marines with Chain Bayonets advance...

Having dropping into the enemy line from Orbit, this was the moment I had been waiting for - our first Dreadnought melee clash! Marty beat me to the punch, close assaulting me and the resulting fury saw him explode and nearly take me with him! My Leviathan walked away with his first battel trophy, but with a major and near fatal limp!

Duel of the Fates!

Great mates, lots of laughs and narrative fun - loving the thematic games we are getting and the streamlined rules system. Much more to follow!


  1. A great game to watch. I find myself weakening in my "No More 40K Ever" resolve. It's not 40K, it's HH aint it?
    And yes I was there for the spectacle, banter and mainly the chilli. Washed down with cleansing ales, of course.

    1. 30k is totally different to 40k - ask anyone! :-) Thanks for coming mate!

  2. When deployed en masse, Heresy armies (well any army really) always look impressive.

    "recently finished Leviathan Siege dreadnought- carried into battle in a drop pod I was still base coating 2hrs before battle" - the classic c hobbyist never leaves us. I remember seeing someone adding shade to models on the train on the way to a tournament once.

    1. Thanks! they do indeed.

      Wow, thats really leaving it to the last minute!!!