19 December 2007

Steampunk Dalek

You may recall this Steampunk Dalek by Promus-Kaa: Steampunk Dalek by ~Promus-Kaa on deviantART Well now its animated too! but I prefer the B&W render for truly authentic feel:

16 December 2007

Tribal Villages

. Either as an objective of a punitive expedition against errant tribesmen, or an Encounter in the Lost Valley, native villages are an essential part of any VSF or colonial game.
TOP: The ubiquitous native village! Now, complete with fire pit!

I just found this simple and effective method for scratch-building such villages at Terrain Thralls:

http://www.terrainthralls.com/Tutorials folder/VillagePeople/RusticVillage.html

15 December 2007

M48 review

Eleven Bravo has posted a review of Peter Pig's 15mm scale M48, which is handy since I just ordered two!

Overall I would say that this model represents excellent value for money. It is well cast, easy to assemble, straightforward to paint and, most importantly, it looks the part. I have three of these vehicles as the tank section of an Armored Cavalry platoon (for use with Barrie Lovell's Incoming! rules) but they could also be used as part of a USMC tank platoon.
.When pitted against enemy infantry on the wargames table they are lethal and you will certainly want some of these in your collection if you envisage scenarios involving NVA armour. When matched up with the M113 ACAV you can field an extremely powerful fighting unit - the Armored Cavalry Platoon.
.All in all, well worth investing in and, given that the prices of models are only likely to go up, get them now!

04 December 2007

How to build a 15mm Colonial Nile gunboat

Truly a multipurpose vehicle, useful on the Nile River, the canals of Mars, the shallow lakes of Venus or for Dinsoaur Safari Adventures! http://www.wfhgs.com/PDFFILES/gunboat.pdf

02 December 2007

Arctic Terrain

TOP: Arctic mammoth hunting, anyone?
Jim at the Lost Worlds forum posted a link to this great set of terrain photos, including some rather inspirational Arctic territory. Either Mammoth Hunting or exploring the frozen wastelands of the Martian poles, this is pretty cool:

TOP: The frozen wastelands of the Martian poles...

Link here: http://terrain.eternal-war.net/gallery/album_cat.php?cat_id=16

30 November 2007

Gomi free postage offer for Christmas

We recently announced the release of the nex tmodels in our 15mm scale Vietnam Riverine Range - the Monitor and Command Control Boat. The models measure around 7 inches long by 2 inch wide and 2 inches tall when assembled.

You can view them at our NEW websitewww.gomidesigns.co.uk and we now have PayPal shoppingbasket for all items.

To celebrate this momentous event - we are offering toour mailing list the "Post FREE for THREE - fromGomi!" offer. If you order any three or more models from us before Christmas Day, we will despatch them POST FREE.

Also note our new "coming soon" page - with details ofour Vietnam and WW1 ranges - both in 15mm scale wehope to have an ASPB and the WW1 Double Decker Bus outfor Xmas.

All the best
Tim Parnell

07 November 2007

Gomi releases Monitor and CCB

Gomi Designs have expanded their 15mm scale Vietnam Riverine range (as promised) with two new models - the Monitor

Price £10.99

and the CCB.
Price also £10.99

Each resin model measures 7 inches long and has lead-free pewter parts.

14 October 2007

Firebase relocated

The good news - just finished moving house and arrived to find 3 blisters from those fine men at Dragonfire Miniatures- thanks chaps. 2 x NVA Rifle Platoons and another platoon of leathernecks.

The bad news - the USMC boys suffered some losses en route. A few days at the local hospital followed by some R&R should see them right though!

29 September 2007

New Gomi releases ATC

Gomi (manufacturers of the PACV model featured here previously) have revealed their latest release:

"We are pleased to announce the release of the nextmodel in our 15mm scale Vietnam Riverine Range - the TANGO BOAT or ATC. These converted LCM8 landing craftsaw extensive use in the Delta area of Vietnam.

The model measures around 7 inches long by 2 inch wide and 2 inches tall when assembled.

Further details can be found at http://uk.geocities.com/tj.parnell@btopenworld.com/GomiATC.html

Also note our new "coming soon" page with details of our Vietnam and WW1 ranges, both in 15mm scale at http://uk.geocities.com/tj.parnell@btopenworld.com/outsoon.html"

I was very pleased with my PACV from these guys and look forward to seeing what their Tango is like.

27 September 2007

Bunker article

The 11-Bravo site has posted a great article on how to make simple but effective NVA/VC Camouflaged Bunkers like these:


EDIT - Sadly, the owner of the Eleven Bravo site has passed away and the site has been closed.  I'm leaving this post here in prosperity for all the fun I had there.  Thank you.

26 September 2007

Flashpoint Miniatures new releases!

I got this email from Anton today:

"Gents It is with delight that I present you all with our first major communist release under the Flashpoint Reloaded brand. The North Vietnamese Army in all of its determined glory becomes available in early October. Boasting over forty individual sculpts this is only the first half of the anticipated launch for the North Vietnamese which covers the basis for any communist commander in vietnam...the NVA Rifle Company.

NVA Rifle Company HQ
NVA Rifle Platoon
NVA Mortar Section
NVA Anti-tank Section (RR)
NVA Anti-Air Section (DsHK HMG)
NVA Reconnaissance Section

For pictures of the NVA check out the following link... http://www.flashpointminiatures.com/index.html

The second launching for the NVA expected later 2007 will also expand to cover the follwing communist assets....
Anti-Air Grail sections
Anti-tank Sagger sections
NVA Sapper Raiding forces

Also whilst your checking out the new releases be sure to drop by the gallery and view the amazing paintwork of Lea Boultwood (Warpainter) who has done a superb job of the new US Army range.

The NVA are currently en route to Lea so expect some darn nice piccies of them in the not too distant future.

With Karl Cederman (formerly Battlefront miniatures) now an active operative in Flashpoints ranks we are making serious in roads into our long awaited range of vehicles, check out the first pics of the upcoming M113 in the new "Warfactory" section of the main page. We are sure that you will like this little puppy which is due out in the next month or so...

With the M113 we will be releasing the following variants...
M113 field ambulance- with stretcher bearers :)
M113 Battle taxi

Also on Karls workbench is the new M48 Patton and the UH-1D Huey Slick!!! Stay tuned as photos will be placed for all to view as soon as I have them in my hands...

On a final note the Flashpoint Reloaded Vietnam rulebook is nearing final completion. Ken Cole (Tail End Charlie) has been working feverishly putting this all together in what will become the Vietnam defining wargame.

We expect that FPR-V will be released in late 2007/early 2008, between now and then the new ANZACs (Australian Task Force) will be released, the Main Force and Local force VC and another huge addition to the US Marine Corps.Stay tuned as developments unravell.....
Anton Flashpoint"

21 September 2007

Painting Guides

The Assault Group (TAG) has posted some great painting guides for Vietnam war figs

the US guide is here: http://www.theassaultgroup.co.uk/articles/paint_usvietnam.php
the VC guide is here: http://www.theassaultgroup.co.uk/articles/paint_vc.php

And you can the result of these painting guides in the very nice minaitures gallery here:

19 September 2007

Talk like a Pirate Day

Ahoy Mateys,

Avast me hearties... Ye best be rememberin that 19 September is thee annual Talk Like a Pirate Day! So's wherever ye are--at port, or out ta sea, or in the dungeon, don't ferget ta use yer best pirate voice at all times, or ye may end up tied to the yard arm, or in Davie Jone's locker at the bottum of da briney sea.

Aaarrrrr...ye scurvy dogs, ye best folla da Pirates code, or suffer yer fate.

Avast scum!!! Here be the link to the Talk Like a Pirate Web Site:


Aaargh...Remember, those that go there during ye work time will have to waaaalk the plaaaank!!!

Yo ho ho...

Da wench below be fer all ye lecherus uns! Aaargh! Needs a meal, that wun does...

28 August 2007

SEAL STAB Boat Part 2

You may recall a few weeks ago I got some pics of the SDD STAB boat.

Stephen Bankhead has kindly setup a page with some pics of his compleetd STAB models, with added HMGs and a seated fig.

I must say they look a lot better than I thought they would!


20 August 2007

Vietnam Cold War Commander

Tim has posted a BatRep and lots of great pics of his Battalion level Vietnam game using Cold War Commander

"I finally got in a game of Cold War Commander. Below is a link to a full report of the game – with loads of pictures.

The scenario took place in Vietnam, 1966, and involved a US battalion from the 1st Air Cavalry Division pursuing a force of Viet cong through the jungle. "

Its great stuff - go check it out

19 August 2007

Riverine Ops


by Major General William B. Fulton

16 August 2007

The sounds of the Nam...

I am a huge fan of background music while gaming, and its best when its thematic with what you are playing.

A quick win is to use good generic soundtracks such as Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, Gettysburg, Last of the Mohicans, Glory etc. I also make genre specific ones. For example, I have made a great compliation of WW1 period songs for Ace of Aces style flying games, I have an SF one wth various clips, and Ive been working on my Vietnam one for the last few months too.

If you like this sort of thing, you will find this site "The Sounds of Vietnam" enjoyable

They say" The Rock and Roll war..... To most Americans, the Vietnam War has a rock and roll soundtrack. Almost every novel, memoir or oral history of the war by a veteran mentions the music that the author listened to in Vietnam. All the songs of the '60s were part of the life in a combat zone. Troops listened to Sony radios, Akai stereos and Teac tape decks and new troops arrived weekly with the latest records from the states. Many of the sound clips below were recorded on a reel to reel recorder in Vietnam. They were then sent home and transferred to cassette. The sound quality is not the best but it sounded good to us back then. "

Enjoy! And remember: "Theres nowhere to run to baby...."

15 August 2007

Terrain Thralls

This website has some great terrain making articles, filled with ideas and techniques you may be intrested in


14 August 2007

STAB Craft

I found this STAB (SEAL Team Assault Boat) on the Stronghold Games website the other day, mysteriously alone and unsupported by the rest of a range.

SDD: 15mm Vietnam
15V01 Light Seal Team Craft (STAB) Price: £3.95

Mike from Stronghold infoms me that there is:
"No other picture currently, but the rear is a hollow so that figures can be placed in there."

You can see the model on the website here:

And some pics of these craft in action here:

13 August 2007

USMC Update

Painted up the 2 Company HQ stands (3 figs each) and 6 casualty markers over the weekend, in addition to some small bits of terrain. I'm trying out a slightly lighter Olive Green (Vallejo) and a flesh wash with these ones, otherwise they are identical in colour and technique to my other Leathernecks.

I'm still playing around with the basing and flocking, so pics will be up once that is complete

12 August 2007

Landing Craft

For those of you interested in BWN, I found this neat 15mm scale WW2 US landing craft made by Kerr and King. Given that all the ones used in the Delta and other riverine areas were all exWW2, this is the perfect one for Vietnam Ops.

Their website says: This is a one piece casting of an allied landing craft suitable for 15mm scale wargames. The The craft is approx 155mm long and 45mm wide while the passenger area is large enough to comfortably accommodate 2 standard Flames of War style bases of infantry or an AFV such as a Sherman. The Landing craft is cast in high quality Polyester Resin and is supplied unpainted.

They also do a bundle deal for 3 LC, so you can move your whole rifle company at once.
Note these these guys also offer free world-wide shipping by air for purchases over 10 UK pounds! Excellent...

11 August 2007

Palm Trees Tutorial

Want to make your own Palm trees?
I found this rather good tutorial online.

Its a fiddly process, but has good results.
And at about $1 each, the price is right!

10 August 2007

Mounted Operations in Vietnam

by General Donn A. Starry
The Official US Army study into Armoured operatoins in Vietnam can be found online at the US Army military history site.
I've had a cursory skim and think it looks excellent- I'll be making a hardcopy of this for sure!

09 August 2007

New link: Wargaming Vietnam

I discovered this Vietnam Wargaming website today, which has loads of great figure reviews and details for manufacturers of Vietnam figs in 10mm, 15mm and 20mm. It is a little bit dated regarding range availability but its well worth a look for the modelling notes and other Nam wargaming goodies!

08 August 2007

Swamps and Marshes

The well known Flames of War games uses 15mm figures, and the official website has a number of great modelling articles. I found this one relating to making swamps and marshes which may be of interest.

07 August 2007

Painting Inspiration

I came across this painting gallery today at War-painter - all I can say is WOW. This jungle hut is from their website.

The gallery is mostly WW2 focused, but the painting and basing of these 15mm figs is just amazing. Urban, jungle, snow, desert -its all here! The pics might give you a few ideas for your own troops, I know I made quite a few notes!

And if its all too much for you, they do commissions and sales too!

06 August 2007

Sponge painting technique

Eleven-Bravo has just (re)posted a great article about painting with a makeup sponge fto apply highlights as an alternative to more traditional drybrushing techniques. An interesting method which I shall use on the next vehicle I do to give it a try.

You can see the excellent results that can be gained (this pic is from the 11B site) and you can read the full article here:

04 August 2007

Osprey: The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War 1956 1975 (Osprey Essential Histories 38)
Author: Andrew Wiest
Paperback; 96 pages

The Vietnam War was arguably the most important event, or series of events, of the "American Century." America entered the brutal conflict certain of its Cold War doctrines and certain of its moral mission to save the world from the advance of communism. As this book explains, however, the war was not at all what the United States expected. Outnumbered and outgunned the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces resorted to a guerrilla war based on the theories of Mao Zedong of China. This was war reduced to its most basic level - find the enemy and kill him.

Background to war: The Cold War
Warring sides: Superpower verus guerrilla forces
Outbreak: An undeclared war
The fighting: Battles of attrition
Portrait of a soldier: John Young
The world around war: A nation divided
Portrait of a civilian: Kim Herzinger
How the war ended: US withdrawal
Conclusion and consequences: Legacies of victory and defeat

My overall comment: A good starters guide and very good overall narrative including domestic and international aspects, but not much in the way of details if you are after a particular battle or unit.

03 August 2007

MiG Colours

If you need some colour references for North Vietnamese aircraft (Charlie dont surf, but he DOES fly!), have a look here:

There are several different colour schemes shown for each of the different MiG types used by the NVN Air Force.

02 August 2007

Buddha Head

If you like jungle temple type terrain, you may find this piece by Fanatscene to your style. http://www.fantascene.net/bitsandpieces.htm

01 August 2007

RAN Helo Squadron in Vietnam

As part of the Royal Australian Navy's contributions to the Vietnam War, a Squadron of UH-1s were attached directly to a US 135th Assault Helicopter Squadron at Vung Tau

You can read some of their exploits on the official magazine of the Australian SeaPower Centre here:

31 July 2007

3rd Squad profiled

Here are the last closeups of the platoon - 3rd Squad. Once again, click for larger images.

For those interested in the bases, they are Battlefield Accessories Pacific pack (#BA48), containing 8 medium and 3 small resin bases, which I bought from Olympian games in Canberra.

30 July 2007

2nd Squad - Fall In!

As promised, here are some additional closeups of my Marine Platoon. This time, 2nd Squad takes post ready for the next patrol...
Click pics for larger images

28 July 2007

USMC Platoon Ready for Action!

After 2 months of preparatory training, my first USMC Rifle Patoon is ready for deployment to South Vietnam, Republic of.

Click pics for larger versions

I'm very pleased with they way these figs turned out, actually and they are probably the best 15mm troops Ive done (No, I havent done many!). The Figures are all Flashpoint Miniatures, and the sculpted resin bases are by Battlefield Accessories (in FOW sizes). See my earlier posts on the clour used for painting the fgures. The Pacific themed bases pack has the nciely molded palm leaves, vines and rocks. I thought they were excellent, though the basing of the miniatures took longer than I had anticipated because of the extra spaces around the figure bases which had to be filed in.

The bases were spray undercoated black, drybrushed with Tamiya Dark and Flat Earth and detailed - rocks with Ral Partha Slate and the Palm leaves with GW Jungle green and a touch of Sunburst Yellow. Foliage is All Woodlands Scenics - Dark and Light course turf with some grass tufts added in using PVA glue. Actually, the grass tufts need some work still, I'm not really happy with most of them.

Heres the LT and the boys from 1st Squad (comprised of a Squad HQ of 2 men and 3 four man fireteams). Closeups of the other individual squad bases will follow shortly.

Now its into the boonies to find Mr Charles...

15mm Nam Buildings

If you are after more bits for your Nam table, you may wish to check out these guys: http://www.frontlinewargaming.co.uk/
I havent seen any of these in the flesh (please let me know if you have), but they would be great if you are building a firebase




27 July 2007

FOW Vietnam pics

Andy has posted some pics of his 15mm Vietnam forces - he has built a 7th Cav force using both Flashpoint and Peter Pig miniatures (and 14 diecast Hueys!). His group (the Cheltenham Warchiefs) have been gaming with a set of Vietnam mods to the popular Flames of War rules.

Here is a sample of his Airmobile force. You can see more pics of his US force and nice terrain here:

26 July 2007

Book: Australian Military Operations in Vietnam

Saw this cracking book today at a conference, a great read filled with good photos and graphics.


"From 1962 to 1972 Australia joined the United States in fighting a communist inspired insurgency war in the jungles of South Vietnam against infiltrators who sought to overthrow the local government. Over 50,000 Australians served in Vietnam, 519 lost their lives, and the conflict ended ignominiously in the insurgents' victory.

Over 30 years later, Australia again finds itself joined with the United States in a struggle against an insurgency, this time in the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan. Although now in the past, the Vietnam War resonates with lessons for the Australian Army as it strives to defeat not Communism but Terrorism. Australian Military Operations in Vietnam highlights some of the successes and failures of an earlier generation of officers for the benefit of today's leaders."
You can order it here:http://www.warbooks.com.au/IndividualBooks/InVietnam.html