12 August 2007

Landing Craft

For those of you interested in BWN, I found this neat 15mm scale WW2 US landing craft made by Kerr and King. Given that all the ones used in the Delta and other riverine areas were all exWW2, this is the perfect one for Vietnam Ops.

Their website says: This is a one piece casting of an allied landing craft suitable for 15mm scale wargames. The The craft is approx 155mm long and 45mm wide while the passenger area is large enough to comfortably accommodate 2 standard Flames of War style bases of infantry or an AFV such as a Sherman. The Landing craft is cast in high quality Polyester Resin and is supplied unpainted.

They also do a bundle deal for 3 LC, so you can move your whole rifle company at once.
Note these these guys also offer free world-wide shipping by air for purchases over 10 UK pounds! Excellent...

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  1. Please also note that Kerr and King products have received much kudos at TMP in this thread here: