30 June 2009

Sir Lass triumphs at Rouen Tournament!

In a suprise outcome, Sir Lass has tied-up the Tournament circuit at 1 win apiece!
Coming from behind after an average start, Sir Lass dazzled Lords and Commoners alike with two wins in Jousting to clinch the golden laurels. The upcoming tourney at Winchester will no doubt see some eager wagering on the overall winner!

28 June 2009

AT-trition Day 2 : Red Blok encounter the Therions

The primary advance corridor rebuffed by the adjacent UNA, the Red Blok Commanders rerouted their recon teams into the Therion Dyson sphere, searching for the enemy. It didn't take long to find them.
The Red Blok cautiously advanced into the close confines of the enemy corridors and met a mixed Theriod force at a critical juncture (Search and Destroy - Mission 2). A full strength Grim Golem squad backed-up by four Assault Medusa and led by the infamous Babylon Zero in Golgoth form. The Revolutionaries had learned their previous lesson well, however, and advanced carefully under overlapping fields of fire, though the Therions were content to wait and allow the enemy to come to them...
Predictably, the lady in Red was first to strike, leaping out and blasting the sole Red Block recon strider, though miraculously it didn't fall immediately. Taking advantage of the situation, a brave squad of soldati lept around the corner and took the Assault Medusas under fire, and though they were knocked down under the grenade salvos, their armour proved difficult to penetrate.
Under the cover of this din, the Golems adjusted their position and flamed a squad of Kommandoes into nothingness. Revolutionary fury overcome a second squad who rushed in to avenge their comrades but were similarly dispatched by the inhuman and merciless enemy. Things were looking grim for the Heroes of the Revolution and the crashing destruction of their strider further reinforced their apparent doom.
Such an end was inconceivable to Comrade Sgt Boris however! With indignant Fury he led his squad down the throat of the enemy firelane and he and his men dispatched all the Golems, leaving only the Overseer controlling them. Pausing briefly to chant a patriot slogan, they dispatched the enemy figure with righteous hatred and fury.
Unfortunately, Sgt Boris's comrades were having rather less luck at the other end of the corridor section. Half their number were crushed beneath the bulk of Babylon Zero as she trampled them and then the Medusas smashed into them, electrolashes ripping out their entrails without pity or remorse.
With only static answering his desperate hails on the comm system, Sgt Boris fell his squad back collecting the Strider pilot as he went. The Therions controlled this area and the High Command would have to find another way in after all.
Mission Result: Therion Victory
Modelling Postscript:
From the above pics, some of you will be wondering what the red "ball" in the Grim Golem Overseer's hand is. Its a grisly trophy collected from a Red Block soldier unfortunate enough to get too close to his reaper blades! Its the first but of using the pitiful remains of the WarPuppy's chewing frenzy during Game 1. Head was wedged into the blades and glued, with some appropriate blood splatter effects added - here is a close-up (sorry its a touch blurry, but you get the idea)

27 June 2009

AT-trion Battle Reports

Are written but on hold as I can't access my camera at the moment - I'll put them up as soon as I can!

25 June 2009

Colonial Marines?

These look Awesome! 25mm Colonial Marines by Woodbine Design (through the Gripping Beast website).
"Game over Man, its Game Over!" http://www.grippingbeast.com/shop.php?CatID=300

24 June 2009

Games Night

To celebrate the anniversary of OPERATION BARBAROSSA, Comrade James and I had a best of three games night this week!

Game 1: Down in Flames WW1 (Dan Verssen Games)

A flight of three SE5s (the Comrade's favourite crate) vs a trio of Pfalz DIIIs, Thought the VP costs were the same, it soon became evident that these aircraft were not an equal match. After I disgraced the Boche Air Corps by being all shot down for the price of a little bit of holed British canvas, we swapped sides and replatyed. The Comrade spashed one of my kites before all his were sent spinning down to earth. 4 kills overall to the Comrade, 3 to me. Game 1 Victory to James

(sidenote - at this point we adjourned for dinner and consumed quantities of red wine.
I blame any failure after this point on the deamons of alcohol vice any lack of skill.)

Game 2: Axis and Allies War at Sea (Wizards of the Coast)

A new aquisition, this was a first for both of us, matching up the miniatures that came in the starter set. The Allied Heavy Cruiser proved to be more than a match for the Axis fleet and only a flgiht of Japanese Zeros survived the onslaught. Game 2 Victory to James.

Game 3: Wings of War WW2 Despite being this game being a dead rubber, I was determined to at least not get the Comrade get away with a clean sweep. I took up a pair of Spits up against a pair of Me 109s in a classic Battle of Britain duel. Imagine my horror when the Huns wounded both my pilots on the first pass! An uphill battle followed as we traded kills and the last pair snapped angry bursts at one another. With a damaged engine trailing smoke and loosing more blood with every turn, my suviving Spitfire pilot was eventually the victor and got home in time for tea and medals - Huzzah. Game 3 to me!

With 2 games to 1, the evening was therefore decided in Comrade James'e favour - Good show old boy!

21 June 2009

AT-trition Day 1 : Opening Battle

Day 1 saw adjoining recon elements of the UNA and Red Blok clash as they sought to deploy onto the Therion Dyson Sphere. Though contact came later in the day than expected - here is Comrade James joyfully opening all his boxes from the mega-War Store order earlier this year. Such a process should not be rushed!

The first encounter saw the two 1000 point recon elements hit in a Skirmish encounter (Mission 4). The close deployment eareas created brutal and instant interaction. Turn 1 had a fiery start after a squad of Draganoc Kommandoes rusheda Fire Toad, only to have a formation of Shock TacArms flank them and reduce them all to smoldering dust with their flamers - Burn Revolutionary Scum!

The turn continued with a second Red Blok formation erradicated by a combined Wing Trooper and a Steel Tac Arm strike, though a complaint has been filed about the tendancy of the Wing Trooper sniper to deliberately target enemy medics in a blatant breach of the Laws of War. A judiciary hearing need not be scheduled, however, as a squad of RPG soldati, led by a Master Sgt, subsequently waded into the fray and all but wiped out the Wing Troopers.

Flushed from their earlier success, the Jam TacArms now also waded into the building melee to try out their brutal PowerLances. This was followed by a most unexpected turn of events...

The lovely Comrade Sgt Tymofiyeva piloted her Strider around the container to find a swirling melee before her. Eager to take down some of the arrogant UNA chaps, she opened fire into the lot with both her autocannons at max rate of fire. One Shock tacrm flew apart but collateral damage took out three of the RPG soldati as well, including the Master Sgt! Natasha felt no regret as she realised a promotion spot had just been opened up and she recalled a disparaging remark the man had made about her the size of her bum on the troop transport from Hades; the pig deserved what he got!

The close combat broke up and the sole survivor of the RPG unit was dispatched by the only survivor of the Wing Troope squad. The remainder of the infantry fell back and consolidated their positions as Sgt and the Fire Toad traded some ineffectual shots. A Red Blok detachment impetuously broke cover to attend to some damage on the strider, but the Shock tacArms were waiting and reduced most of their number of ashes...

Overall Result, UNA Victory, medals for the Shock TacArms and a brevet promotion for Sgt Tymofiyeva! Plus it was the first game with our new GF9 counters, which were excellent. (Thanks for the pressie Comrade!)

The only bummer was the discovery after the game that while we were distracted, the War Puppy (locked in perpetually hungry Beagle mode) decided to eat a Combat Engineer and a RPG soldati. Damn you Hound of Hell!!! The remnats are slated to beused in a future modelling project...

19 June 2009

1 Day to AT-trition

In a weekend of blokey gaming with the Lad and the Comrade, new AT-43 figures will be christened, beverages will be consumed, trash-talk will be exchanged and one will emerge Victorious:

In the Grim Darkness of the Man Cave, There is Only Gaming!

16 June 2009

ATZ Deal

Now this is tempting eh Oberst Owen?
Rebel Minis and Two Hour Wargames are proud to announce our newest 15mm ATZ box set. The All Things Zombie: Haven Box Set contains:
20 Mixed Civilians and Rioters
12 Special Forces
4 Gangbangers
5 Armed Civilians
4 Paramilitary/Contractors
These miniatures are 15mm, and are supplied unpainted!

...and that's not all! When you buy the box set, you also get a free scenario (Hostage Rescue) download that is part of the campaign!

The SRP on the box set is $24.95 USD.

It can be found here.
NOTE: You must have ATZ: Haven to play the scenario.
You can get the All Things Zombie game and the Haven supplement at the Two Hour Wargames site here.
For more info, check out rebelminis.com.

Post from TMP here:

08 June 2009

Zun Tzu?

Has anybody out there used Zun Tzu for online games? Esseentially its a jazzed up verison of Vassal which looks really nice (see screen shot of a Battlelore game below) buy as its a newer version it only has about 100 game modules available instead of Vassal's 400+ (and they seem mostly to all board games too, vice miniature wargames). I'd be interested in any feedback on this one - cheers! http://www.zuntzu.com/index.htm

07 June 2009

More Ivanhoe!

Ah-ha ! Victory was mine at today's Leichtenstein Tournament, bringing me level with Sir Lad at 1 all. Sir Lass used some crafty card combos though so I wouldn't say she is out of contention yet...

04 June 2009

Space Hulk in December?

The bellof Lost Souls reports that the new edition of Space Hulk may be out by December this year. He goes on: Further info says the game plays very fast, and has lots of cool extra bitz for use as objectives such as wounded terminators (Man Down!) Sweet - I'll continue to track this one with great interest, but I know what will be on my Christmas wish list now! Thanks to Comrade James for the heads-up!