05 October 2022

Turnip28: descent into madness

Its been a bit busy of late, as usual, with lots of travel, but we did get to go to the local show last weekend - Mother of All Battles, aka MOAB. Nice to have it back after 2 years of pandemic cancellations.  Caught up with lots of gamer mates, bought way too much at the bring & buy - none of which I will admit to regretting - and it was a welcome injection of hobby invigoration.

My first foray into Turnip28...

Over the last month I have been drawn inexorably down the twisted and strange path of Turnip28. It started as a laugh to annoy certain historically focused gamers who frequently decry the lamentable 'space pixies', but its really grown on me.  People cleverer than I have described Turnip28 as a "delightfully dreary setting" and:

Turnip28 is a tabletop miniatures game and setting developed by British artist Max FitzGerald. The world of Turnip28 is a combination of postapocalyptic with napoleonics and root vegetables, and it's "about turnips".  (From the fab Gardens of Hectate blog: https://gardensofhecate.com/)

Its not meant to make sense. Its mad.

Toady (Leader) Porthos d'arTurnip and his faithful roothound, Vloorti.
Yes, that is a bunch of turnips attached to his fancy hat

More broadly, I am trying to develop better creativity, confidence in kit bashing and modifying figures, and just using up spare bits from old kits which might go together well. I can also take a baggie of bits and some tools with me on the road - the ability to sneak in some hobby time here and there has been great.

Making the troops look miserable in this tepid and squelchy realm is a sign of success

Hobby skills speaking, its a chop and then slap-chop paint process, which focuses on texture and grimdark appeal. Thus, its quite liberating at the hobby desk and has been a lot of fun.

Just prior to completing the basing so you can see the detail - there are bits from all sorts of sprue in there, and 3d printed bits

The rules are free (and fun looking), there is a discord to chat in, and there are free STLs available here:


Expect to see more of this deranged insanity