30 June 2023

June Hobby Wrap Up

Another month, another busy month including more work travel overseas and time at sea. We did (predictably) succumb to Warhammer 10th edition, but managed to grab somebody's spare book and cards rather than get the new boxed set. Proud of myself!

The very next day we delved into our first game of this edition, and my first game with my Black Templar army. I faced off against Reilly and his new Daemon force. The latter was fun and very different to other armies we've tried, and it was great to finally get my Templars onto the table after building them up this year

The Marshall leads his Crusade onto the field of Vengeance

Bastion of Strength

The Emperor's Champion mets out His Justice

We had a really good time, encouraged by the streamlining of the rules - overall, we found 10th to be an intuitive iteration of the rules rather than a full revolution of the system. Lots of inspiration to paint more Templars, and not just obsess over Turnips. Obviously that will happen too though...

12 June 2023

May Hobby Wrap Up

No games this month - too busy travelling with work, but I did get some painting in between trips on some 40k projects.

First up is Bayard's Revenge, a special Emperor's Champion figure that Reilly kindly gave me for Christmas, depicting a scene from the Black Templar novel "Helsreach".  I played with this over a week and really enjoyed this project.  

I tied a few NMM approaches with the sword, and ended up going with it being true to its name "The Black Sword"...  I did enjoy lavishing attention on the armour to make it look beaten up and scarred without compromised.

And here's how I imagine the last stand of Brother Bayard is depicted in the Halls of Heroes aboard the Battlebarge Eternal Crusader (filters from the 'Snapseed' app)

I also did a Death Guard Kill team, using the lighter colours of the Weeping Legion so that the darker filth and yuck would contrast against it. I used oil washes to darken down the basecoats and overall it worked out well.  

I added rusty things from the bitz box to help the basing come to life amongst the puddles of Nurgle's Rot.

Thats all for now - happy hobbying!