26 June 2022

Lancaster Reinforcements- War of the Roses

I completed some reinforcements for my Lancastrian Army this week. To add some diversity to the Army I have added a small contingent from the Duke of Somerset.  This Beaufort family were staunch Lancastrian supporters throughout the war and across multiple generations.  Their blue and white adds a splash of colour (though I am missing their banner at this point), and they can form a flanking battle in the formation. 

In Lion Rampant terms (I'm getting ready for the release of the 2nd edition rules next month) this army now comprises 3 Longbow units (12 figs each), 2 Billmen (12 each), 1 Armoured Billmen (12) and 2 of Foot Knights (6 each). Feels like I painted way more than 72 models!  Most are Perry Plastics but the Somerset archers are a mix of Crusader metals as well.

Need to get my skates on with the rest but I've enjoyed the project thus far. Next up for this army is light and heavy cavalry, artillery and Command stands. Future expansions are more billmen, as well as European Mercenary Pike and Crossbows.

Anyway, that's it from me for awhile - off on some work travel. Be well!