25 September 2018

Romanised Orcs!

A bit of experimental tomfoolery involving Oathmark Goblins, Warlord shields and banner and a fireforge cape.  All painted up in the same colours as my recent Frostgrave Orc posse and on the same winterised base style.

I originally planned to have them individually based, but I wanted to show a well drilled, elite Orc infantry units.  I could also do that, reflecting a solid (yet ragged) looking shield wall, on a group basing.  I'm happy that the final result depicts just that, but retains a bit of Orc wildness with a mix of weaponry at the same time.

And behold! An EliteFoot unit for Dragon Rampant!

16 September 2018

Doing up some terrain

Been on a bit of a terrain blitz of late, as well as playing some Frostgrave.  This is a Celtic Roundhouse I just finished.

I have wanted a Celtic roundhouse since 2011 when I first saw this one (as I recall from this post http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2011/07/celt-roundhouses.html).  This year I finally bought one for myself for my birthday, and thanks to a club terrain day I got all inspired.  As a result it went from bare resin to this in a week.

This is a Hovels product, which was very nicely finished with no resin bubbles or flash
I quite enjoyed adding the diorama bits to bring it to life and add colour to the otherwise drab Dark Ages!
Separately I have been playing with an airbrush on some of my Kill Team terrain. Really enjoying playing with it - I'll tell Santa.
Did I say Kill Team? yes I did...