12 July 2011

Celt Roundhouses

I've added a Celt round style house to my 'must do' list, and have been looking at the commercial options:

There is this nice one from Hovels:

JR Miniatures, which to be frank looks average:

Warlord have some new ones to go with their Ancient Brits figures:

A number of log, stone or daub version from Acheson, which again I think are average:

Some nice ones from Grand Manner, but very expensive


Any others?

You know, I'll probably just take a crack at making my own - the hardest bit will be shaping the roof.


  1. Yes, hovels is way the best. I'm tempted!


  2. I don't like the Hovels one, it looks too pointed.

  3. You could defintly make your own. I made similar type roof on a smaller scale as part of a stone in pasture you can see it here


    I took some thin cardboard and cut a larger circle than I wanted the size of the roof to be. Than I cut a straight line from one edge to the center. Then taking the two flaps I pulled one under the other until it made a cone shape and taped that. Then I just cut my washcloth materiel to fit around it and glued it down. I am sure you could do that with your teddy bear fur.

  4. Having a limited budget I made my own round huts. Cost was perhaps $2 USD. Could be better but first time trying to make something, given time will make more changes. I'm also just finishing a ring-fort. http://gaelridire.blogspot.com/

  5. Hovels then Grand Manner, but I would probably make my own.

  6. Dan & Irish Knight: Nice Work gents, Bravo!

    Reckon I can make a few of these, but might get a Hovels one with the grand entrance to be the Chriftan's hut.