08 July 2011

Watch Tower - WIP 1

I've started my next major bit of terrain and this time its a generic Dark Ages watch tower.  I've used the great article in a WI issue as a basis, but have made changes in the design to suit my own purposes.  I'm going for a three story design, where the top level is a pallisaded style fighting top, and with a small entrance way at the bottom.  I'm deliberately making it generic so it can be used anywhere.

Starting off with some 5mm thickness balsa 75mm wide, I've cut it into 110mm high sections - thats 2 x 50mm floor levels - enough for a based 28mm fig with some space - plus a 1cm overlap to start the third level/2nd floor which will give the pallisades some strength.  I'm planning to have the top floor removable to access the centre section, and the bottom section will be accessible by lifting the whole construction.  Well thats the plan at this stage anyhow...

In the meantime, work also runs apace to complete the pigsty, stable, holy relic and two GB resin buildings.
Hopefully have some pics up shortly.


  1. I'm looking forward to that building. Please post a lot of pictures of the WIP^^.

  2. Pictures or it didn't happen :)

  3. Looking forward to this and what Dan said:D

  4. Sounds great Paul. Also looking forward to the pictures.