17 July 2011

Blood Bowl Tourney Continues

Too busy playing BB with the Lad to blog much at the moment :-)

Game 3 last night was a 4:2 win to my Skaven over the Lad's Orcs, though he managed to get 3 casualties on my team.  Highlights of the game was his first game with his Troll - its strength 5 is brutal!
The Lad has an intimidating line-up against my low strength Skaven
The Lad is building better cages these days - though to break up
The Lad learns that even a Troll can be downed by a Skaven Block!

Game 4 today was another hard fought 2 all draw, which again came right down to the wire.  Amazingly I didn't have any casualties this game, but managed to inflict two on the more heavily armoured greenskins.  Highlights of the game were the first time I have ever seen a Troll throw a goblin to get a TD! (The Lad had bought Scrappa Sorehead as a Star Player).
The Troll and Scrappa are prepped for the throw over the Skaven front line
Scrappa laughs all the way into the end zone after his aerial antics!

Game 5 is currently in progress, and that flying gobbo has done it again: curse his aerial antics!!!


  1. Good to see young ones taking an interest.

  2. Looks like fun. I only played blood bowl once back in 90 or 91. Your posts have piqued my interest. I've only played one game of Chain Reaction 3 with my kids, but they are still too young. Or perhaps just not interested. I look forward to more posts and the day when keeping all my old games looks like genius.

  3. Love his interest! Have you guys checked out bbtactics yet? An excellent source of info. Thrown goblin touchdowns are almost as much fun to be scored against as scored with :)

  4. Seems like your skaven team is rocking 3 blitzers instead of the two in the list but you are probably just using the minis you have.

  5. Thanks all! It is a real hoot to have a live in gaming opponent. I just have to remind him that he is back to school tomorrow after the school holidays and we still have to do all those boring chores

    Tristan: thanks for the link!

    eriochrome: thanks for the heads-up mate, I had indeed forgotten that Skaven have a max of 2 Blitzers (who were at one point called storm vermin I recall).

  6. Randroid: please also take some of the credit for fueling the BB frenzy here: the Lad loves looking at your blog and you numerous teams. And I think your OGRE team looks fantastic!

  7. Great stuff Paul! It's always fun when the young'ns start playing. Thanks for sharing.

    BB is a blast as long as you don't take it too seriously. The turn counter and Illegal Procedure was always my bane. :(

  8. Couldn't agree more Herr Feldmarschall! Lost count of the number of times I've been pulled up for an illegal procedure.... At least you can now give up a re-roll instead of your turn!

  9. Yeah, I had a buddy call me for 4-5 of them in a row. The one time I really lost my cool playing a game. Not a proud moment...