30 July 2011


Played 2 games of Blood Bowl over the week against the Lad: 1 win to me and a draw.  My win tonight was 3:2 but that score belies the utter brutality of the match and which was one of the hardest I have ever played.

Ironically, it started brilliantly with me receiving the kick-off and getting a Quick Snap! result to start the drive with a free movement.  The ball bounced out on the kick-off, so I got a touch-back right into the hands of my catcher with sprint and wham-bam! An unheard-of single turn TD. Smiles on my side of the table.

The Lad then received the kick-off, and proceed to start pulling my team apart - literally.   4 casualties in a single turn!  I managed to snag the ball off him for another TD but by then the smiles were moving to his side of the table, especially when he learned of the rules for conceding if one player cannot field at least 3 players.  The Lad was on a mission as he went into the second half down 3 - 1 with my casualty box filling up quickly.

Over the course of the second half, he managed to get another TD and 4 more causalities and a couple of KOs, but fortunately for me the clock ran out before I suffered any more.  Just one more and I would have been toasted despite my 3 TDs.  It was a hard game in which my rats spent a lot of time running away cowering from those nasty big Black Orcs.

Then to add to the pain, when the casualties were resolved after the match, I suffered a loss of AV in one catcher, one blitzer will miss the next game, and my star thrower (skilled up with an Ag boost, Accurate and Sure Feet) died.  A Pyrrhic victory indeed.

Dead Skaven Pic from warmasterdk.blogspot.com


  1. And you would expect anything less for one of your own :)

  2. Poor QB, no pocket money for the kid for at least a month!!

  3. Why do you resolve the casualties after the game? Are you playing an older rule set?

  4. Thanks all - I'll wear a black mourning band next match

    Ray - the Lad has protested your suggestion!

    Randroid - now I've re-read the rules, I realise we have been doing it wrong based on an older rules version, thanks!