06 July 2011

The Oathsworn - Part I

The Oathsworn is a series of four novels, written by Robert Low.  Set just before the turn of the first millennium, it follows the journey of a Viking Warband known as the Oathsworn who sail about in their drakkar Fjord Elk stirring up a bunch of trouble, having a good time, honouring Odin and making new enemies.  Packed with lots of great action, it is similar to a Viking version of Bernard Cornwell's Uhtred saga and much faster paced that the Viking trilogy.

I've finished the first two installments, The Whale Road and The Wolf Sea, and thoroughly enjoyed them.  I'm now making my way through Books 3 and 4 and will report in due course, but if you like Dark Age action you cant go wrong with these!



  1. Hmm? I've not heard about these books, I shall investigate Amazon me thinks!! Cheers!!

  2. Great books! alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks for the find I'll have to look into them as well. I still think you should do a post with your comprehensive list of Viking reading :)

  4. I've been looking at these in the book shop recently, humming and hawing. If you say they're worth a read, I'm picking them up.

  5. HI

    Thanks for a the book tip! I will defenetly check them out.

    I hope you have read the Swedish author Frans G Bengtsson book "The Long Ships", the are in the progress of making a new film based on that book, planed to be finished in 2014...


    Best regards Dalauppror

  6. I'm going to look into them on amazon. Been looking for a new read.