20 July 2011

Good times in Geatland

Before any Quest, the Lads like to enjoy an ale or two in their new tents
Being our latest Dark Ages game - this time a Quest scenario.  In the Age of Blood rules, only Heroes can participate in quests so all those Huscarls and Berzerks had to stay back at the great hall, while the Hersir, Champions and special characters of the Lad and Ken went forth to help a beleaguered village in Geatland.

The village was surrounded by a large stone wall, but it has not been effective
Upon their arrival, the Hersirs are told of terrors in the night, who creep into the village and steal their children.
A great reward is offered to heroes who can lift the curse

Forward for Fame and Glory!

All manner of strange beasts lived within the dreaded forest - here our heroes were menaced by a giant hypno-toad.
Such encounters saw the beasts run off or dispatched, but  added to the sense of foreboding...

After much searching, the party discovers an old ruined building filled with the grisly remains of the missing villagers

And the ruins weren't empty either - with a scream and roar, a big ugly Troll emerges to defend his lair!

The Lad's sorcerer cats a dread spell, which saw the Troll turn and beat a hasty retreat!

Realising that there would be no reward if they didn't bring back the beast's head, our heroes pursue

At the top of the hill, the Troll stops and turns...and is joined by its mate.
For Odinn!

1 down, 1 to go...

The female proved to be a tougher opponent

...but the bigger they are, the harder they fall, eventually!

In thanks, the villagers reveal the tomb of famed warlord of Snorri the Miserable.  Our heroes gleefully sacked it of course and aside from gold and valuables, took the famed runed silver axe of Snorri and his helm of protection.

And like good Norsemen, when all the foes were dispatched, they turned to fight amongst eachother on how to divide the spoils!  They were all for spilling blood but I (and the village head-man) negotiated an agreement where the Lad took the Axe (+3 Broad Axe, add +2 Renown) and Ken got the Helm (+2 armour values, +1 renown).  Good times in Geatland!


  1. Looks like fun, and the table looks great.

  2. And thw fight over loot at the end would have been very Viking. Great report. Thanks for sharing again.

  3. Great scenery for a game. I gotta try out Age of Blood one of these days.

    All glory to the Hypnotoad!

  4. Another great report. I really enjoy the terrain it adds so much great atmosphere.

  5. Great table, great minis, great game report!

  6. Great report. Very nice setup too Paul. Are your civilians from Gripping Beast?

  7. What a great game. Lovely scenario and the hypno-toad......what can one say.

  8. That looks great.
    Have just gne and downloaded the Age of Blood rules.
    Are those Renadra tents, they look just the job, don't they?

  9. Thanks fellahs - I've been working hard on the terrain for the last few months and its really getting there. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Rodger - civvies are a mix of GB and Foundry

    TWD - yes they are the smaller Renadra tents.

    John L - hypno-toad concept was from Futurama! The fig and the two trolls are DnD plastic figs.

  10. Thanks Paul, might get the GB ones.

  11. The GB ones are the male peasants, while the Ladies are by Foundry (and painted by the Angry Lurker BTW)

  12. Nice work sir as always, some of those figures look especially nice:D

  13. Great game report once more. I have been lurking reading your blog for a while now. Love the Monty Python references in many of your games. I have just started collecting Vikings and look forward to playing Age of Blood. Keep up the good work. Very inspiring.